Lebanon Kills Hundreds, Destroys Camp, World Yawns

LGF: Lebanon ruthlessly crushed the “militants” of the Nahr al-Bared “refugee camp,” killing (at least) dozens of civilians and hundreds of Islamists and tossing them into mass graves, and wiping out the entire camp. But nobody’s demanding United Nations investigations, nobody’s accusing Lebanon of war crimes, and nobody’s yelling about human rights violations.


Reuters Photo: Lebanese soldiers remove bodies of killed Islamist militants of the Fatah al-Islam

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon said on Tuesday its army killed at least 222 Islamist militants from an al Qaeda-linked group in a 15-week battle at a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon.

The army finally took control of the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp on Sunday after more than three months of fierce battles, including air, sea and land bombardment against the entrenched Fatah al-Islam militants.

Defense Minister Elias al-Murr also said 202 militants were captured in the battles and an unknown number were buried in mass graves inside the largely destroyed camp. …

At least 42 civilians and 163 soldiers were killed, bringing the death toll to 427 — Lebanon’s worst internal violence since the 1975-1990 civil war.


Lebanese soldiers search for bodies of killed Islamist militants of Fatah al-Islam group in the rubble of devastated buildings of the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in north Lebanon September 4, 2007. Lebanon said on Tuesday its army killed at least 222 Islamist militants from an al Qaeda-linked group in a 15-week battle at a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon. REUTERS/Stringer (LEBANON)

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Coalition Forces Roast More Taliban Than Before:

Afghanistan, The Strategy Page

September 4, 2007: The Taliban Summer Offensive actually turned out to be larger than last years, but was much less effective. Nearly 3,000 people died, about 20 percent more than last year and, as with last year, most of them Taliban fighters. But over 500 of the dead were civilians, most the victims of Taliban terrorism. Unlike last year, there were far fewer civilians actively assisting the Taliban. This year, the big players were the drug gangs, and tribal groups that are heavily into the heroin trade. They have the money the Taliban lack, and pay for the thousands of Taliban gunmen let loose to defend the drug producing areas around Kandahar. This city has long been the capital of “Talibanstan”, mainly because it is in the midst of the area where the most pro-Taliban Pushtun tribes reside.


September 3, 2007: A Taliban district headquarters and safe house was attacked by a U.S./Afghan force, leaving at least 25 Taliban, including several leaders, dead. Since the Taliban disbanded their centralized military command this Summer, the district leaders have become more important. Some of the district leaders have been more successful than others. Several of these leaders operate around Kandahar, and they are now prime targets for police and foreign troops. The fighting has been particularly tough on the police, who have lost about 500 men this year. When the Taliban are run out of an area, a small force of police goes in to “hold” the area. But in rural areas of Afghanistan, police are an exotic foreign import. For thousands of years, tribal councils take care of police investigations, and groups of armed tribesmen mete out a rough form of justice. Police are seen as targets by many tribesmen, a potential source of loot. This is particularly the case in southern Afghanistan, where some Pushtun tribes resent the central government a whole lot.


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  1. When the West wipes out jihadist scum like this and there’s no reaction then we’ll know things are going great. Good for Lebanon-no tears need to be shed for this rabble. Now close down the camp.

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