Serb-Concentration camp survivors want Oscar award revoked



Director Danis Tanovic accepts the award for foreign-language film for his drama set in war-torn Bosnia,

“No Man’s Land.”

‘War Is Deceit’ Said Muhammad:

Prisoners of War Alliance has asked the Motion Picture Association of America to revoke the Oscar awarded to a Bosnian Muslim film maker Danis Tanovic who’s film No Man’s Land, according to the allegations, shows Serb victims as Muslims victimized by Serb violence.

Serbian survivors of Bosnian Muslim concentration camps say that they discovered the fraud while recording a documentary film on Muslim atrocities in the area of Gornje Podrinje where thousands of Serbs were massacred by Bosnian Muslim forces.

Veljko Lasica, an ethic Serb survivor of a Muslim attack that killed 25 Serb civilians in Kukavice, says that Tanovic used that particular incident to claim in the movie that the killed Serb civilians were Muslims.
“It is never too late to uncover fabricated war lies and get to the truth so it is with this amazing film-fraud that is compromising the prestigious Oscar, that was pointed to us by the Serb survivors of Gorazde concentration camp that live now abroad,” says Lasica.

* Indeed. Muslims and the Clintoons fooled us all…


The inconvenient Serbs

By Spengler

There can be no doubt that Europe is resigned to gradual absorption into the umma. Father Richard John Neuhaus, the conservative Catholic writer, quotes an “influential French archbishop” saying, “We hope for [assimilation of Muslim immigrants], while we work at reducing immigration and prepare ourselves for soft Islamicization.” Western Europe is a beaten, deracinated rabble with no will to fight. Russia is a different sort of beast. The Kosovo question for Russia is not a sentimental, but an existential matter.

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Muslims keep burning the Christian Churches in Kosovo:

Islam in Kosovo thanks to Clitman


‘It wasn’t Arabs, it wasn’t Muslims, it was the CIA, GWB, the Mossad…’

How often have we heard this drivel from Muhammedan’s and their clerics after 9/11 ??

But ever since, they are celebrating their ‘Great Victory for Islam’- like here:



2 thoughts on “Serb-Concentration camp survivors want Oscar award revoked”

  1. The Russians may be a general pain in the neck but on Kosovo they are correct. Backing the Serbs, even though they are not exactly angelic, makes more sense than backing the peaceful ones. If they stick a thumb in the eye of fraudulant US-Muslim cooperation so much the better-at least the Russians and Serbs know that such cooperation is pure BS even if the US does not.

    It is ridicuolus that the US sides with Islamania rather than Russia over this issue. Why needlessly provoke the Russians-the US should be doing more to get Moscow on board in the battle against the scourge of humanity.

  2. Just finished reading Spengler’s article in Asian Times..

    My God! Spengler’s a misery-guts, isn’t he?
    What a sad worldview he has…

    My guess: the poor sod’s not either a Christian nor a democrat (small ‘d’).

    I don’t for a moment think that either Europe or Russian are going to become ‘islamicised’ at all. Spengler seems only to allow himself and his readers two possiblities on that score: go under slowly or go under fast !!??

    [Llittle poofter-Muslim, he must be, poor miserable twit.]

    All Hail to Slobodan Milosevic and his Gallant Men who executed War Criminals much more humanely than did the Executioners of Nuremberg!

    ( I would’ve executed all the women over the age of sixteen, too! However, I accept that Mr Milosevic and his soldiers were exercising Christian Mercy in allowing all the women and children to get off to safety…)

    I’m not fussed one way or another about Putin’s tactics.
    Russians will not allow Islam to take Russia or Kosovo.

    Kosovo is Serbian Land.
    Kosovo is Christian Land.
    Islam can scram now or die later: it’s all the same to me!

    Kill them where-ever you find them.

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