Police tell threatened Swedish artist to leave home

Cartoon Rage Continues

Ericsson, Ikea & Volvo threatened:

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Swedish artist threatened with death over his drawing of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad has been told by police he is no longer safe living at home.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, offered up to $150,000 on Saturday for the murder of artist Lars Vilks for drawing the head of the Prophet on the body of a dog.

“I can’t live here,”
Vilks told Reuters by phone. “SAPO (Sweden’s security service) have judged that it (the threat) is very serious.”

He was allowed to go home and collect some things but it may be a long time before he is able to return again, he said.

“We have had contact with him (Vilks) and together with him are taking the decisions that are necessary,” a police spokesman said.

In an audiotape posted on the Internet, Baghdadi offered a lower bounty for the death of the editor of daily Nerikes Allehanda, which published the drawing last month in what it called a defense of free speech.

Top Swedish firms such as truck maker Volvo, mobile network builder Ericsson and retailer Ikea were also threatened unless an apology was forthcoming for the drawing.

The threats against Vilks and the newspaper mirror a crisis in Denmark last year.


Cartoons published in a Danish paper and reprinted around the world sparked riots in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in which at least 50 people died, and attacks against Danish embassies and a boycott of Danish goods.

* That silence you hear is emanating from the leftist freedom of speech crowd.


Today’s Cartoon


Treason by the Main Stream Media Exposed Once Again:

Al Reuters reported:

Cartoons published in a Danish paper and reprinted around the world sparked riots in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in which at least 50 people died, and attacks against Danish embassies and a boycott of Danish goods.

Well, Reuters, to be accurate, those 50+ people didn’t just die, they were killed. By people outraged over drawings but apparently not so outraged at murder. Just saying “people died” when

witnesses said Christians were poured with petrol and burnt

is willfully covering for the monsters.

And it wasn’t merely 50+, it was closer to 150.

And it wasn’t just Danish embassies. Any western country, it would seem, would do. An Italian embassy and a British embassey were attacked.

But besides messing up on all the facts, you were on the right track.

8 thoughts on “Police tell threatened Swedish artist to leave home”

  1. Jihad is not just waging war by weapons but waging war on all institutions of the infidel. And one of the most unique and vulnerable institutions of our civilisation is freedom of speech. This freedom is now being compromised throughout the West. But without this freedom, the West has no meaning. No meaning at all.

    Our civilisation has advanced by those bold enough to go out of the bounds of accepted wisdom. It is by their sacrifice that we now have the luxury of criticising any faith, even the dominant one in the West, Christianity.

    How has it come about, that it appears that freedom of speech only exists for Islamists and their apologists, for they are the only ones who are not in fear of their lives. Others such as Ali Sena and Ibn Warraq are in perpetual in fear of their lives.

    Why was Van Gogh murdered in the land of his forefathers by a person who emigrated to Holland with no intention other then to threaten the lives and customs of those who were kind enough to allow him the privilege of living in Holland?

    How has it come about that any who dares to be even slightly critical of Islam is badgered by the likes of CAIR and goes in fear of his life. How is it that we allow this perpetual and insistent harassment of the freedoms that we value, in the hope that every little compromise will satisfy the kust of the fanatic. And it will mount to more then a little, as self-censorship and reluctance of publishers and bookshops to get involved in a dangerous controversy that threatens the lives of their employees, undermines freedom at its more global end.

    How is it that the media, from TV to MSM are not up in arms at the momentous assault by the forces of barbarism on the very spirit of Freedom. How is it the BBC, CBS, the NYT, and all other bastions of the free Western press are not shouting at this murderous assault on Freedom. Have they made a compact with the forces of barbarism, or are they already cowed. Or they just do not care. The most generous one can be is that they do not think of what a momentous pass we are at – the murder of Van Gogh and now an attempt to silence yet another cartoonist.

    Surely this cannot go on. If we allow this to continue, then regardless of how many battles we win in the Middle East, we will lose the war i.e., the war or Jihad that has been declared some 1400 years ago and is now nascent in our backyard.

    In Western states, there is compact with citizens that the state will protect citizens, and the citizens will give up vigilante action. Though there is no excuse for vigilante action, but it is the state that has broken its end of the compact. We have nothing but anarchy to look forward to.

    Future historians will wonder how such a situation was allowed to come about, that put a robust civilisation in such mortal peril.

  2. The security services of a country can’t protect one of its citizens from the peaceful ones? The answer is obvious-kick out those peaceful ones who aren’t citizens, close down immigration and put the screws to the peaceful ones who are citizens when someone’s life is threatened. This kind of BS has been going on far too long and needs to stop..

  3. Otter,

    Just think, if there were no Christians in the world, no Christians would have been murdered….logical eh? (please excuse the sarcasm….)

  4. Don’t worry so.

    I’ve had to wait for twenty years for Australians to wake up to the fact that Muslims intended taking over Australia. And that’s SINCE I’d publish a clear statement attesting to the fact in a newspaper with my own name printed at the bottom of the article.

    Aussies have got the message.
    Takes time is all.

    Hey. Even the Sheik thoughI was a tad too ill-mannered to post on this site until AFTER the Pigs of Islam slapped a Fatwa on HIM.

    I got my First Fatwa in 1957.
    Where have you guys been for all my life?

    Living and learning.
    That’s what I like about you Westerners: you aren’t bigoted. You aren’t prejudiced.

    You are intelligent, loving, thinking people.
    You are worth fighting for.

    Keep spreading the Truth.
    Keep doing your bit.

  5. Hey Ma, have you read the original text for the Brussells speech? I think you’ll like it.
    It’s here:


    Or, if you’d prefer, I copied it to my own blog (Gandalf’s and mine, that is):


    I promise, I will get around to doing an update to the Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide (Exactly a year’s worth to catch up on – also will be adding a new set of graphs for casualties, both killed and injured – and for that I’m going to go back through the entire six years. It’ll take a while, but I’m onto it. Have already started), but I’m up to my ears in work just now – got a by-election on, and I’m agent (and leafletter – oh boy that’s dreary).

    I’m also collaborating just now with Yorkshire Miner over a cartoon to be posted on both my and his blogs simultaneously. It should drive the peaceful ones totally apeshit. 🙂

    Yorkshire Miner’s blog:


    We anti-Islamics should all know who each other is.

    Keep up the good work Ma. An inspiration sometimes when the black dog hits.

    And you Sheik? I visit you every day; I like your way of putting things. We’ll win: these loons didn’t know what they were taking on when they took on Europe and it’s offspring around the world. After all, we do have form when it comes to dealing with threats. I just wish the Indians would start limbering up too.

    Ma, the BNP is getting stronger by the day.

  6. Muslims Against Sharia praise the courage of Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Thorbjorn Larsson and the staff of Nerikes Allehanda and Dagens Nyheter and condemn threats issued by Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq. Muslims Against Sharia will provide a payment of 100,000kr (about $15,000) for the information leading to capture or neutralization of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

    Muslimer mot Sharia berömmer Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Torbjörn Larsson och övriga anställda på Nerikes Allehanda och Dagens Nyheter för deras tapperhet och fördömer hotet från Abu Omar Al Baghdadi och Islamistiska Iraq. Muslimer mot Sharia betalar 100 000 SEK (ca 15 000$) för information som leder till gripande eller oskadligörande av Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

    Muslims Against Sharia

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