‘We must not offend those who want to kill us because that will make them want to kill us’


Multi-Culti-Diversity’: The Real Suicide Bomb

* Just ONE reminder what happens when our mortal enemy gets into a position of power to censor the news:

“The Muslim owner of the France Soir newspaper has fired the Paris newspaper’s editor for publishing controversial cartoons making fun of Islam.”


* If it wasn’t for the blog’s, you’d think it never happened. The newspapers who carried the story at the time have all taken it down.

Palestinian Authority celebrates 9-11 terror attacks



True Islam: Keep looking, you came to the right place!

Ever since the relationships between the Occident and the Orient have been soured by 9/11, Muslims and islamapologists occasionally mention “True Islam”. And “True Islam”, ladies and gentlemen, well, it certainly must be something fantastic and awe-inspiring. People go all misty-eyed and gooey just talking about it. How sad it is, they say, that we, dumb frightened westerners, fail to appreciate the beauty of True Islam. No way those terrorist attacks have anything to do with True Islam

Quite the contrary: True Islam shows all of us the way to paradise on earth. True Islam is a beacon of love, tolerance and respect! True Islam will provide the final solution to end world hunger. True Islam will prove to be an effective medicine against cancer, AIDS, angst and nasal infections, yes, True Islam will make men want to fall into each others arms, and weep tears of joy. We could talk about it for hours on end! Oh, how we wish to make it clear to you what heavenly bliss you’re missing out on, only because you seem eager to make such a childish fuss about a few accidental bombings. Why won’t you accept that True Islam has nothing to do with all that? And then they shake their heads in utter disappointment and disbelief…

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The EU Wants to Increase Muslim Immigration and Internet Censorship


A few months ago, the EU’s Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini worried about what to do with illegal immigration. To no-one’s surprise, he appears to have settled for surrendering and making it legal. The skilled glossocrat Frattini has already banned the use of the phrase Islamic terrorism: “You cannot use the term ‘Islamic terrorism,'” he insisted. “People who commit suicide attacks or criminal activities on behalf of religion, Islamic religion or other religion, they abuse the name of this religion.” He now thinks we shouldn’t use the word “immigration,” either, we should talk about “mobility.” Moreover, the “Asian” and “African” immigrants in this case generally come from the predominantly Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East, with some additional ones from Pakistan and similar nations. The EU has thus decided to flood Europe with tens of millions of Muslims, at the same time as peaceful Europeans demonstrating against the Islamization of Europe were brutally harassed by the police in the EU capital of Brussels.

* A nasty piece of work, this Franco Frattini. Read more..


* Fitzgerald has an idea that will work much better for US:

Those who supply the local defenders of the faith, who conduct those ever-expanding campaigns of Da’wa and outright propaganda for Islam, will be removed from our societies, and since it is impossible to detect the genuine and permanent “moderate” from the other kind, and since Islam “itself is not moderate,” we would be fools — as a truth-telling Iraqi Muslimin this country said himself (presumablyMuslim-for-identification-purposes-only Muslim)-– not to expel any of those who identify themselves as believing in 9.29, and 5.51, and all the rest of the Qur’anic passages, and also the hadith, that taken together, and understood as Muslims for 1350 years have understood them, declare a state of permanent war between Believers and Infidels.

We would be complete fools not to undertake, merely because we are all now Acolytes of the Church of Latter-Day Total Tolerance Even For Those Who Wish Us Ill, these minimal acts of self-defense and civilizational survival.


Quote of the day:

For the orthodox, Islamic philosophy was a contradiction in terms, and Islamic science futile

– Ibn Warraq, pg 2 of Why I am Not A Muslim

3 thoughts on “‘We must not offend those who want to kill us because that will make them want to kill us’”

  1. True Islam was delivered on 9/11-all other Islam prior to that was a poor substitute. The Islam we’ve seen after that has, by and large, been false too although the efforts to bring us more of the real stuff have been thwarted a lot lately.

    As for the Caliphate of Europe that’s being created I say let those who don’t want it leave with a scorched earth policy. Leave nothing of value behind to the destroying bastards and head for the Americas and Australia and help save us.

  2. * Fitzgerald has an idea that will work much better for US:

    Let thexxxxxrun it so the foolish white men can fight their wars. Oops! That has already happend, and it looks like die Brüder Sarkozy and Kouchner are doing the same in France. Looks like the US were well ahead of the Europeans there.

  3. Ms Hymen

    It sounds like you are not ‘intact’. Your theory may have been popped by some white man. But remember, we are only killing Muslims, not people. So please dont mock our Jewish hero’s, they need all the support and encouragement we can give them. They even risked their lives to bomb the accursed Syrians, and that’s just got to be a great thing to do, it will keep us all safer.

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