Since When is Haneef a “Cleared Terrorism Suspect?”

AFP reports:

BRISBANE, Australia (AFP) – A lawyer for cleared terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef said Thursday the Indian doctor’s chances of resuming work in Australia after a court ordered his visa restored have been hurt by legal wrangling.

* Magic, just magic! Mysteriously ‘cleared’– how? Why? By whom? Was there not enough time to compile the evidence to convict him? Check this out: Legal wrangling over the letter of the law saved his ass from the slammer, but that ‘cleared’ him? Incredible. The MSM is aiding and abetting the global jihad.


AFP/File Photo: ‘Cleared’ terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef

A lawyer for cleared terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef said Thursday the Indian doctor’s chances of resuming work in Australia after a court ordered his visa restored have been hurt by legal wrangling.

Haneef wanted to return to his job on the luxurious Gold Coast but delays were putting that position in doubt and he might not have a job to go back to in the end, said lawyer Peter Russo.

Last month a court overturned a decision by Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews to revoke the visa even though terrorism-related charges against him had been dropped.

On Wednesday, Andrews launched an appeal against that decision in the Queensland state capital Brisbane, arguing that the judge had misinterpreted the relevant legislation.

* Nutroots and moonbats in the judiciary…

Andrews has vowed to take the case to the High Court, Australia’s most senior court, if necessary.
Haneef was charged with providing support to a terror organisation after failed car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow but the charges were dropped for lack of evidence and he returned to India voluntarily.

Russo said on Thursday that as time dragged on it was becoming harder and harder for the hospital where he worked to keep his position open and his return might ultimately be difficult anyway.

“That may be actually becoming problematic in the sense that: Is there a position for him still available?” Russo told national radio.

* Russo –nomen est omen- another far left shyster who pushes the limits…

“He can’t, obviously, sit around waiting for too much longer because he’s got a wife and child to support.”

Haneef is currently in the Indian city of Bangalore with family after leaving Australia at the end of July.

Russo said the fight to regain the visa would continue regardless of whether Haneef ultimately returned to work in Australia, in order to clear his name.

“The problem my client faces is that if we don’t do this, he’s always going to be a person who had a visa cancelled and that needs to be sorted out,” Russo said.

The charge related to his giving his mobile phone SIM card to his cousin Sabeel Ahmed last year. Ahmed was arrested and charged over failed car bomb attacks in Britain earlier this year.

Ahmed’s brother, Kafeel, drove a car into Glasgow airport in June in an apparent suicide attack. He later died of his injuries.

* Bleeding hearts anybody?

Next thing you know when Haneef gets involved in another terrorist plot he’ll claim ‘we made him do it..’

6 thoughts on “Since When is Haneef a “Cleared Terrorism Suspect?””

  1. He’s cleared because the media says so. And because the media speaks, most people will accept it as the truth.

    It would be interesting if the good doctor did return to his practice in Australia. One wonders if his business would fall off from all this flack. But then again, for every one patient who’d drop him two goofballs would go to him out of “compassion”. They can’t let the man starve to death due to lack of business, can they?

  2. Who the heck believes the MSM now days anyway. Even little old ladies that I speak with are pushed to the edge of vulgarity when trying to discribe these malignant parasites.

  3. I’m not a little old lady (quite) but I certainly have no problem with the vulgarity when it concerns MSM.
    Instead of reporting truthfully about the one thing that is threatening to end our world….islam….they would rather harangue the public about an unproven idea that it is only humanity that is causing ‘global warming’ ‘climate change’ etc etc ad nauseam.
    It’s time these ‘journalists’ got an education and some guts and report on islam as it really is, instead of constant appeasement for fear of hurting islams feelings, who cares about their feelings when the civilised world is at stake.

  4. They didn’t have enough evidence to hold him any more. The Brits didn’t want Haneef either.

    He wants his visa back now as he will have trouble getting a job in some other countries. He is now stuck.
    (How do you define “stuck” if you are in your own country? Don’t they need doctors there also?)

    If it drags out long enough, and if Krudd gets in, we’ll see how kevvie handles possible terror threats.

    Let’s just hope Haneef doesn’t follow the footsteps of Mohammed Saddiq Khan.

  5. I can’ remember where I posted a comment about the Hannif case. the proble here in Australia is that the average Australian does not understand fanaticsm. They average Australian is fanatical about their sport. They may get into a punch up over it but not kill. They cannot comprehend that a person can be so fanatical about their faith that they are willing to kill of be killed. Having said that, Australians are passionate about everyone having a “fair go” and the way that the whole Hannif case panned out in the media it appeared that he did not get a fair go. It did appear that he was innocent and that what all the uproar was about. What the MSM and the average Aussie does not understand, that even if Hannif is innocent, Andrews, who in his role is charged with protecting Australiands, was sending a message by deporting the “poor soul” back to his birthplace to his wife and new baby(a horrible fate I know). The message is that if you know someone whose cousins sisters brothers wifes next door neighbour is a terrorist WE DON’T want you here. We will not tolerate even the whif of extremism. Am I comfortable with a possibly innocent man being used to send this message? I admit it, no I am not. Do I think it is necessary? Damn right I do and I think that the more times we need to send the message, the more comfortable I will get with it.

    What really gets up my nose is that everyone fighting for his right to come back all those “do gooders” forget is that the working visa is a privelige not a right. He is not owed the right to come and work in Australia. He was granted a privelige of working here, and if Mr. Andrews does not like the colour of Hannif’s underwear, he has the right to cancel his visa.

  6. And how innocent can he possibly be? A few miles does not cancel sympathy or knowledge of anti western values. Just because the expense of millions might not uncover a “smoking gun” does in no way make the legal system our last protection. When we wage war we pass judgment on sight and as much as I despise these so called rules of engagement as they are like playing catch me if you can I will myself not kill just for the shock and propaganda value it might have.

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