German authorities worrying about converts to Islam misunderstanding their new religion

Spotlight on the ‘reverts!’

Bitter sarcasm from Robert Spencer:

Behold the glorious complexity of Islam! Here is a belief-system so intricate, so nuanced, so difficult to grasp, that even those who dedicate themselves to embracing it and living by its precepts tend to misunderstand it utterly, missing its message of peace and actually coming to believe it teaches them to commit violence against unbelievers in order to bring about their subjugation! Imagine! Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR should get on the phone to German Muslim leaders right away, offering to share the techniques his group has used to such great effect to prevent converts to Islam in the U.S. from joining jihad groups.

What’s that? CAIR doesn’t have any such program? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

“German authorities watch increasing conversions to Islam with concern,” from Deutsche Presse Agentur

Berlin (dpa) – The German authorities are watching the rising tide of conversion to Islam with some concern, the daily Berliner Zeitung reported Thursday.


A vote for socialism is a vote for Mohammedanism…

The newspaper cited figures compiled by a Muslim group that showed that 4,000 Germans had converted last year, compared with just 1,000 in 2005.

It was common knowledge that the German authorities were monitoring converts to Islam closely, it said.

Quoting Interior Ministry officials, the newspaper said there had been a rise internationally in the number of converts involved in Islamist terrorist acts.

Among them are “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, a Briton who tried to blow up an American Airlines flight in December 2001, and Muriel Degauque, a Belgian suicide bomber who blew herself up in Iraq in November 2005.


* Could it be that the Nazi and the Islamic Ideology have something in common?

Guido Steinberg, who researches Islamic issues, said extremists were targeting new converts, and terrorist expert Rolf Tophoven said converts tended to be fanatical….

Abdullah attributed the increase in conversions to rising Islamophobia. Whenever Islam falls under suspicion, many people start to feel solidarity with the religion,” he told the Berliner Zeitung.

Hahahahaha! The logic of the Musulman..!

* Yes, that’s it. People begin to criticize Muslims for allowing terrorists in their midst, and that makes non-Muslims convert to Islam and…become terrorists.


Cartoon Jihad Rolls On:

‘Sweden needs to change its laws’-Muslim ambassadors are seething!

* And that’s what this latest episode of Cartoon Rage, as well as the original Cartoon Rage incidents, were all about: forcing dhimmi Europeans to place Islam beyond questioning or criticism — while the jihad continues apace.

From The Local

Ambassadors from Muslim countries have indicated that they intend to present the Swedish prime minister with a list of demands when they meet for talks on Friday.
Fredrik Reinfeldt invited the ambassadors from 20 Muslim countries to government offices on Friday following a wave of protests from Muslim countries after the publication of a caricature of Muhammad in local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda.

Reinfeldt’s press secretary Oscar HÃ¥llén was unable to say which countries had confirmed their attendance.

Egyptian ambassador Mohamed Sotouhi told news agency TT that he and a group of fellow ambassadors had agreed on a list of measures Sweden needed to take if it was to secure a long-term solution to the Muhammad cartoon controversy.

According to Sotouhi, “comprehensive measures” were required if Sweden was to prevent some “amateur artist” from reawakening tensions every other month.

“We want to see action, not just nice words. We have to push for a change in the law,” he said.

* Yeah. Like public executions for those who mock the profit of Islam, right bro?

“Muslims need legal protection against the desecration of the Prophet Muhammad, maybe something similar to the protection enjoyed by Jews and homosexuals.”

*Disingenuous. Neither Jews nor homosexuals enjoy the protections he is demanding.

While praising the “very constructive steps” taken by Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Egyptian ambassador said that Sweden had much work left to do.
“In the long term the school curriculum has to convince pupils that if they want to express their opinion they should do so in such a way that it doesn’t cause offence or hurt. This should also be part of journalism training,” said Sotouhi.

“A permanent parliamentary committee also needs to be established to tackle islamophobia,” he added.

* Right. Establish the sharia arm of the inquisition…

The ambassador urged Reinfeldt to strive towards “reaching a balance between freedom of speech and taking responsibility to avoid offending Muslims or other religious groups in this society”.

* Can’t affort ‘offending Muslims’- right? We all know what they do when offended…

“Everybody will compare his wisdom with the situation in Denmark, whose prime minister treated the problem with a sort of arrogance, or at least delayed taking action to prevent the problem from escalating,” he said.

* Blackmail and intimidation?

Sotouhi described Sweden as a sophisticated country containing talented and creative diplomats.

“They know that proactive measures are necessary and we are ready to cooperate with them,” he said.

Algeria’s ambassador to Sweden, Merzak Bedjaoui, said the meeting “was an excellent initiative taken in a spirit of appeasement.”

“At our level, we are trying to work hand in hand with Swedish authorities to try to create a real bridge between our communities,” he said.

* Shouldn’t Sweden consider building drawbridges against the Muhammedan invasion instead?

“When we speak of a dialogue between civilisations, it can’t just be a catchy slogan. I think that the publication of this kind of caricature doesn’t help at all,” he said.

* If it doesn’t further the Islamification of Eurabia its ‘not helpful-‘ got it matey!

Earlier in the day the Oscar HÃ¥llén said that the meeting would form “part of our dialogue with these countries.”

“We want to emphasize the fact that Muslims and Christians live side by side in Sweden in a spirit of mutual respect,” he said.

Hållén further added that the government intended to reiterate its earler defence of Swedish laws surrounding freedom of expression.

* Good. One would hope so…

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The Profit Muhammad utterly subdued by angels

The Church of Our Dear Lady in Dendermonde, Flanders (Belgium) features a late 17th century pulpit, sculpted in wood by Mattheus van Beveren, upheld by angels who are treading underfoot the false prophet Mohammed, who is leaning on the Al-Koran.

Thanks to Shiva/Illustrated PIG

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  1. Well, the whole thing ,islam, is often in a sentence with the word “misunderstood”, or “out of context”.

    They tell us you can only understand the koran if you read and understand Arabic. I think that accounts for only 16% of muslims in the world.

    Could one guess that the rest don’t understand? I would say “yes”.

    Then you get someone like Robert Spencer who understands arabic, but then they say, he isn’t a muslim or an arab so how can he understand what he is reading? Such logic defies me. They really mean you need an imam to clarify it, preferably a firebrand imam.

    Is islam so complicated that it will always be misunderstood? I doubt it. They seem to make it mean whatever suits at the time.

    I will rely on sites such as this to get my knowledge of islam, and apostates. As well as that one merely has to look around the world and see what is going on.

    One thing is for sure: religion of peace it ain’t!

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