Omar Bakri Longs For Fish & Chips

* After the 7/7 bombings in London Britains ex-PM Tony BLiar promised to deport 500 Muhammedan hate-preachers. Omar Bakri Mohammed, arguably one of the most notorious and vilest jihad vampires ever to suck the blood of unsuspecting Britons, was the only one who left (ironically) of his own accord, before he could be arrested and deported. As for the other 499 scumbags awaiting deportation, it has become very quiet. BLiar failed to deliver and his successor, Gordon Brown is wearing so much brown lipstick that his lips stopped moving altogether.


Omar Bakri Muhammed addresses an al-Muhajiroun rally in Trafalgar Square, London (Abu-Hamza, right)The British Government ran a ‘Covenant Of Security’ with radical Islamic groups like Al-Muhajiroun leaving them free to recruit for terrorist missions abroad as long as they did not attack targets in Britain. During the 1990s British intelligence used al-Muhajiroun to carry out attacks against Serbia as part of strategy to dismember the former Yugolsavia. Al-Muhajiroun withdrew from the covenant following the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003, leaving it free to support attacks on the United Kingdom such as those carried out in July 2005.

Now this parasite is back in the news:

“I want to see the black flag of Islam over 10 Downing Street as I want to see it everywhere in the world. That is God’s will. It doesn’t matter if not everyone is Muslim so long as we get rid of this man-made law.”

Islamic Tolerance Alert. “I’ll be Bak-ri,” with thanks to JW

Outlawed Islamic fanatic Omar Bakri Mohammed has vowed to defy a ban on him returning to Britain – and challenged anti-terror cops to charge him or leave him alone.
The cleric – accused of turning young British Muslims to al-Qaeda with hate-filled sermons – claims he must fly to London to see his sick 12-year-old daughter.

Bakri begged Government officials to give him a two-week visa, insisting he’d had NOTHING to do with terrorism during the 20 years he lived in the UK.

But then he shot himself in the foot by launching a bizarre videoed rant against the country which still shelters his wife and six children.
The video can be seen here.

Amazingly we captured him on video as he exploded. He shook his fist and shouted: “You are just a people of fish and chips and hot dogs.
“Don’t tell me you are the best nation. This idea you are the best nation. You are the best nation for your culture.
What is your culture?”

Later, at a seaside restaurant, he said he hoped Islam’s draconian Sharia law would be global.


He said: “Yes, I do want to see the black flag of Islam over 10 Downing Street as I want to see it everywhere in the world. That is God’s will.

It doesn’t matter if not everyone is Muslim so long as we get rid of this man-made law.
“Man-made law is corrupted. One minute you say homosexuals are banned then they are allowed. Man changes his mind. Sharia law is based on a message from God.” And he dismissed claims he had urged Muslims to blow up Dublin airport last November, insisting it was a “sarcastic” joke because he knew he was being monitored by government agents.

Bakri – currently living in a posh three-bedroom flat overlooking the Mediterranean – was mobbed by supporters when he gave us a tour of the area and bragged: “I have got a very strong influence here.”
Asked about the crowds waiting to greet him, he told us: “You are used to seeing that only when people do it with a star, a pop star. But for them they do it out of respect. They treat me like a spiritual leader.”
Bakri claimed British backers help fund his lifestyle.
He said: “When people like you they have an Islamic bond with you – it is so powerful. They treat you like a brother or father – sometimes more than that.”
Bakri’s rants sparked fury in Britain last night.
Top Tory MP David Willetts said: “He should never be allowed to set foot on British soil again.”
And the Lib Dems’ Home Affairs spokesman Jeremy Browne said:
We are a welcoming nation – but our distinctive hospitality should not be abused.”

* Don’t you just love these cheeky British expressions ?


Israel to come under Sharia law, says Israeli Arab cleric

That’s what the jihad is about — imposing Islamic law.

From Israel Today:

A leading Israeli Arab Muslim cleric said at the weekend that the Jewish state will very soon cease to exist and the whole of the country will come under Sharia (strict Islamic) law as another piece in the puzzle to reconstituting the Islamic Caliphate.

Indeed. “Palestine” is only a means to an end — a “no-state solution,” if you will, where nationalism is concerned.

In an interview with a local Arabic-language newspaper, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, deputy head of northern Israel’s Islamic Movement, insisted that the world is “on the threshold of a new era. The future belongs to Islam and the Muslims.”


Arab hatemongers  a la carte

* …und morgen die ganze Welt..!

Khatib said that in preparation for the coming Islamic takeover, Muslims who hold Israeli citizenship like himself should begin to actively rebel against the state by refusing to cooperate with and forming alternatives to the Israeli authorities.
Sedition. Is anyone in Tel Aviv listening?

Also at the weekend, Khatib’s boss, Sheikh Raed Salah denounced current peace negotiations leading to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict as an “evil Israeli scheme.” Salah, who is also an Israeli citizen, has long maintained that that Muslim world must not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

* * With Ol-merde in charge he’s probably right. Israel is heading straight to the abyss…


From death of the West—to knights of the West

A Christian view:

by James P. Pinkerton


The Call of Duty—and Destiny

In one of the great epics of Western literature, the hero, confronted by numerous and powerful enemies, temporarily gives in to weakness and self-pity. “I wish,” he sighs, “none of this had happened.” The hero’s wise adviser responds, “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide.” The old man continues, “There are other forces at work in this world … besides the will of evil.” Some events, he adds, are “meant” to be, “And that is an encouraging thought.”

Indeed it is. Perhaps, today, we are meant to live in these times. Perhaps right here, right now, we are meant to be tested. Maybe we are meant to have faith that other forces are at work in this world, that we are meant to rediscover our strength and our survival skills.

And so the question: can we, the people of the West, be brought to failure despite our enormous cultural and spiritual legacy? Three thousand years of history look down upon us: does this generation wish to be remembered for not having had the strength to look danger squarely in the eye? For having failed to harness our latent strength in our own defense?

With apologies to the frankenfood-fearers and polar bear-sentimentalizers, the biggest danger we face is the Clash of Civilizations, especially as we rub against the “bloody borders” of Islam.

What if, in the coming century, we lose that clash—and the source of our civilization? What if Muslims take over Europe? What if “Eurabia” indeed comes to pass? Would Islamic invaders demolish the Vatican, as the Taliban dynamited Afghanistan’s Buddhas of Bamyan in 2001? Or would they settle merely for stripping the great cathedrals of Europe of all their Christian adornment, rendering them into mosques? And what if the surviving non-Muslim population of Europe is reduced to subservient “dhimmitude”?


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  1. Whether they leave on their own or are deported it’s always the same-sooner or later they itch to get back in. Why not simply pick some island and exile the jihadists of the world?

    The bad thing about this loser is that sooner or later he WILL get back in-some bleeding heart idiot will let him in for “humanitarian” purposes. The irony is if this idiot’s dream of sharia for Britain comes to pass that would mean the end of any kind of humanitarianism.

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