Ban Asian marriages of cousins, says MP

By Marco Giannangeli/ Telegraph UK

Marriages between cousins should be banned after research showed alarming rates in defective births among Asian communities in Britain, a Labour MP said last night.

* Remember “Asian” is the codeword for Muslim in the UK. In France the codeword is “youths” sometimes “marauding youths” aka “immigrant youths.” Denmark, the Netherlands “immigrant” = code speak for Muslim.


Rageboy: the result of inbreeding?

The report, commissioned by Ann Cryer, revealed that the Pakistani community accounted for 30 per cent of all births with recessive disorders, despite representing 3.4 per cent of the birth rate nationwide.

“We address problems of smoking, drinking, obesity and we say it’s a public health issue, therefore we have to get involved with persuading people to adopt a different lifestyle,” the MP for Keighley, Bradford, told BBC2’s Newsnight programme last night.

I think this should be applied to the Asian community. They must look outside the family for husbands and wives for their young people.”

It is estimated that more than 55 per cent of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins, resulting in an increasing rate of genetic defects and high rates of infant mortality. The likelihood of unrelated couples having the same variant genes that cause recessive disorders are estimated to be 100-1. Between first cousins, the odds increase to as much as one in eight.

In Bradford, more than three quarters of all Pakistani marriages are believed to be between first cousins. The city’s Royal Infirmary Hospital has identified more than 140 different recessive disorders among local children, compared with the usual 20-30.

The findings were expected to be condemned by the Asian community, in which many see the tradition of marriages between first cousins as culturally fundamental.

* The usual suspects will come bring out every swinging Muslim dick to tell Londonistans kuffars how wrong they are to make such unjust demands….

“You have an understanding, you have the same family history,” said Neila Butt, who has had two children with her husband, Farooq, her first cousin. “It’s just a nicer emotional feel.”


* Yeah. Producing inbreds has something warm and fuzzy to it, doesn’t it?


Imam Assimilation à la Francaise

* The Fwench may not be as timid as you may think, sez R. John Matthies

The Netherlands, one reads, has come to accept that magistrates require a generous range of motion to prevent radical clerics from “exercising their profession.” But empowering judges will clearly not suffice to promote the “integration” of imams, or to groom a crop of clerics attuned to Western values. So while lawmakers across the Continent consider means to douse inflammatory speech and detain troublemakers “constitutionally,” it’s time again to consider l’exception française.

France, far from those “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” depicted in “The Simpsons,” has distinguished itself (since the Paris terror bombings of 1986, especially) as a nation uniquely disposed to trample toes of intolerant faith. For better or for worse, the practice of religion – since the Revolution and the Law of Separation (1905), especially – has become, for the State, no less than a matter of public order and public safety. For this reason, the policing of even “non-violent radicals” and radical clerics has become something of a national pastime.

Consider the case of Salafist cleric Abdelkader Bouziane, deported back to Algeria in April 2004 for an interview, published in the local Lyon Mag, in which the imam defends polygamy and promotes, “in certain cases,” the stoning of adulterous wives. The Ministry of the Interior slapped Bouziane with an order of expulsion within days of his remarks, on the strength of a prior order (signed by Nicolas Sarkozy) that identified Bouziane as a danger to State and to public safety. This, in turn, allowed the government to ignore established protections for the safeguard of resident aliens, and to deport the cleric back to Oran.

All was as planned when a Lyons appeals court judged Interior’s order “lacking,” and ordered the imam returned to France. But in a fit a pique, Sarkozy declared: “Imam Bouziane [does not represent] French Islam; he [represents] Islam [as it is practiced] in France, and we don’t want that sort of thing.” President Chirac agreed, and promised: “If we have to change our law to avoid repeating this kind of case, which is unacceptable for us, we will change the law so we can expel people who say such things.” This they did, and dismissed the appeals court ruling at the level of the State Council, France’s highest administrative authority. And Bouziane was returned to Algeria in October of the same year. “Constitutionally.”

* Read the whole thing

* But it is still unconvincing. With growing numbers of Muslims the pressure on the French nation state to make concessions will become inevitable and eventually unbearable. Supporting French bred clerics doesn’t cut the mustard either, it will backfire either way. What say you?

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  1. Let them inbreed. This wonderful Islamaniac tendency might just end up saving infidels down the road. Besides, who are infidels to judge such a practice, right? Heh heh.

  2. Rageboy looks like the product of centuries of severe inbreeding. Come to think of it,loads of them do.

  3. The funny part of all this inbreeding is that a lot of these cretins believe they descended from Mr. Perfect himself(what a surprise, I know). Satan Khomeini was one of them. Just think-Mo’s DNA is possibly floating around right here in the 21st century. Maybe someone should get a sample and see if they can find what was wrong with him. Maybe a cure for this madness will result from such a project.

  4. Some one could make a fortune by writing a muslim – equivalent to “The Da Vinci Code”!

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