Norway: Mullah Krekar calls for killing Aussies, but still can’t be expelled…

* Because that might put his life in danger, you see? Doesn’t matter that he went back to Iraq on his own account for at least 3 times since he’s hauled up in Norway on taxpayers money. Doesn’t matter that this piece of filth has been involved in terrorism, jihad and targeted assassinations way back when and now. His ‘human rights’ are threatened, so the creep is sitting pretty, once again.

From the Gates of Vienna:

Mullah Krekar is Norway’s very own pet mujahid. He is notorious for uttering the most vile and provocative statements, advocating violent jihad against non-Muslims, and supporting the killing of Westerners in Iraq and elsewhere.

Originally from Iraq, the Mad Mullah has now been officially expelled from Norway, but he’s still sitting there in Oslo, because he might face the death penalty if he returns to Iraq. That’s the way business is done in most of Western Europe: psychopaths who incite violence and sedition may not be deported because — Heaven forefend! — they might be executed.

Here’s the latest on the odious Mullah, from Aftenposten:


Authorities mum on Krekar’s latest provocation

Controversial refugee Mullah Krekar, who continues to reside in Oslo pending deportation, has sparked more outrage after he defended the killing of an Australian journalist in Iraq. Norwegian authorities, however, aren’t commenting since they consider his case closed.

* Can you tell me what’s ‘controversial’ about that?

Krekar has been officially kicked out of Norway, following the Norwegian Supreme Court’s recent rejection of his appeal to stay. He remains in Norway only because he faces a death sentence if returned to Iraq now, and Norwegian authorities thus are prevented from sending him back.

A government spokesperson told news bureau NTB that Norwegian officials are finished with his case, and had no comment on the latest batch of controversial remarks Krekar reportedly made to an Australian television station.

ABC of Australia reported that Krekar said in an interview due for broadcast on Tuesday that he is allowed to kill Australian soldiers in Iraq. He said that according to Islam, he can also kill their interpreters and people who give them food, water or medicine, because it’s a war situation in Iraq.

ABC reported in a synopsis of the interview that Krekar also urged his followers to kill both Australian and American soldiers.

Krekar also justified the killing of Australian journalist Paul Moran in 2003, telling ABC’s reporter that Moran “was also our enemy.”

The ABC report reveals that Krekar had detailed information on Moran’s killing, including what the Saudi Arabian suicide bomber who killed him was doing during the final minutes of his life. That suggests Krekar continues to control or at least be involved with insurgents in Iraq.

Wenche Rasch of the Norwegian ministry in charge of immigration affairs said that if it’s true Krekar continues to encourage criminal acts, it’s a case for the police and prosecutors. She added, though, that there’s little chance Krekar can be interned until he’s ultimately deported.


Yeah. There are a lot of spineless wussies in Norway these days…


 Rocking the Mosque in Switzerland:

Shooting incident in Swiss Islamic centre, one wounded
13 November 2007 | 02:23 | FOCUS News Agency

Geneva. A Muslim Swiss citizen opened fire late Monday in the Islamic centre at Crissier, western Switzerland, seriously wounding a fellow Muslim, police said.
First reports said the 23-year-old fired a dozen shots in the prayer room on the first storey of the Islamic centre where there were about 10 people present, the Vaud cantonal police said in a statement, AFP reported.
A 43-year-old Swiss Muslim was seriously wounded in the abdomen, but he was expected to recover.
The shooter, whose motives were unknown, was overpowered and immobilized on the floor.
He had been spotted earlier in the evening in nearby Bussigny-pres-Lausanne and police were following him, arriving very quickly on the scene.
The man used a weapon and ammunition given to him by the Swiss army. All Swiss citizens have to carry out military service.

Thanks to Mullah

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  1. Where is it written that the West must take in every Islamaniac under a death sentence in the ummah? That’s how the US got the blind sheik who masterminded the 1993 Twin Towers attack. Infidels just don’t learn, do they? Maybe this guy really deserved a death sentence at home-let them carry it out and spare us.

  2. * Swiss Islamic shooting

    Although no motive is known yet, the police spokesman is already referring to a naturalized Swiss national “of Kosovar origin” with an obvious “psychological problem”. Next step is for the Swiss version of CAIR to express “shock” at the actions of the nice young muslim, and to attack the Swiss authorities & news media for Islamophobic reporting.

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