Risotto Delusions

From the ‘Clueless & Befuddled In Arabia’ series:

RAMALLAH, West Bank (CNN) — A Palestinian state alongside Israel is within reach, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday after talks with the Palestinian president and Israeli prime minister.


* The result of affirmative action: a clueless fruitcake and the Pali-gravy train engine mama…

* With Secretary Rice next to him, “moderate” “peace partner” Mahmoud Abbas shared with the reporters that “I also reiterated to Dr. Rice the need for
the Israelis to commit to stop the military aggressions against our people

in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the stopping of incursions and
assassinations and the military checkpoints” =
Israel has to stop defending

Rice said a proposed summit in Annapolis, Maryland, later this year can be a “launching pad” toward a two-state solution.

* Last week the Pali’s used a schoolyard as a ‘launching pad’ for rockets into Israel…

“We appear to be on course to prepare seriously for continuous ongoing negotiations,” said Rice, who appeared at a press briefing in the West Bank with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. She met Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who underscored the importance of the Annapolis summit in a speech.

* “continuous ongoing negotiations” = Rice-speak for jihad against Israel

“Annapolis will be the jumping-off point for continued serious and in-depth negotiations which will not avoid any issue or ignore any division which has clouded our relations with the Palestinian people for many years,” Olmert said.

Rice said there are “very clear signs” Arab neighbors want the process to succeed. “I can really say without fear of contradiction that everybody’s goal is the creation” of a Palestinian state, she said.

* Translation: Arab neighbors want the process to succeed= destruction of Israel. Creation of a Palestinian state” simply means replacing Israel with an Arab nightmare called Palistan.

* Rice, that awful Rice, is hellbent on making this her legacy.


Cartoon In Jordanian Paper: Condoleezza Rice Says “We’re Arranging The New Middle East” 


Other News:

Israel’s anti-Zionist leaders

by Caroline Glick JP

From October 26-30, a mob of Druse villagers in Peki’in in the Galilee launched what has all the markings of a pogrom against the four Jewish families in the village. They burned their cars and surrounded and torched their homes.

The police took a full day to come to the Jews’ defense. And when they did, the Druse mob kidnapped a policewoman and only set her free in exchange for their cohorts who had been arrested. The police then set about evacuating the Jews from their encircled homes and did nothing to prevent their homes from being destroyed by the mob.

Now the Knesset’s Interior Committee is demanding that a governmental commission of inquiry be set up to investigate what the Druse claim was police brutality in attempting to disperse the violent mob. For its part the Olmert government is distancing itself from Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter’s decision to suffice with an internal police investigation of the policemen’s behavior at the scene.



* But its not only that steaming, indigestible Risotto that Condoleeza Rice is cooking.

Look what we have here:

Tony Blair: Israel needs to forget that its enemies want to destroy it utterly, and help put them in a better position to do so


Yes, says Blair, the “Palestinians” have always been untrustworthy, but trust them anyway.

“BLiar: Israel needs psychological shift,” by David Horovitz for the Jerusalem Post via DW


Fitzgerald: That shallow flim-flam man, Tony Blair


Tony Blair, simply assumes that treaty-making is the same everywhere in the world. It has never occurred to him — why should it, given his temperament, given his mental makeup — that possibly in the world of Islam, treaty-making with Infidels is not a matter of Pacta Sunt Servanda, but of doing exactly as Muhammad did, in 628 A.D., when he made the Treaty, or Agreement, with the Meccans, a treaty that was essentially a “truce treaty” or “hudna” that was to last ten years, and that he broke at the first opportunity, just as soon as he felt strong enough to attack the Meccans. It is regarded in Muslim commentaries as the final word on how Muslims should regard any treaties, agreements, hudnas, that they might sign, at a time when such signing is made necessary by events.

Does Tony Blair know that? Does he care to examine all the other treaties and agreements that Israel entered into with the Arab Muslim states, starting with the Armistice Agreements of 1949? Does he?


Pali-faux student tries to slip past Israeli authorites into US

* Another example of how bleeding hearts are manipulated by Pali-thugs:

A Palestinian “university student” supposedly trapped in Gaza tried to slip past Israeli authorities and into Texas with a forged document—but was thwarted by the Associated Press.

Kudos to the AP for this one.

A Palestinian included by a human rights group as one of hundreds of university students trapped in Gaza is apparently not a student and used what appeared to be a forged document to make his case to leave for Texas, The Associated Press learned on Thursday.

“Gisha,” a human rights group advocating freedom of movement for Palestinians, is pressing the Israeli Supreme Court to allow university students to leave Gaza to continue their studies abroad. The group included Yaser Betar in its suit, presenting the court with a one-page document from the University of North Texas affirming that he is enrolled in a doctorate program.

But after the AP sent the document to the university, its spokeswoman replied that the document was not authentic, and Betar “is not currently enrolled at the university. He studied Engineering Technology as an undergraduate student from spring 1992 to fall 1998 and did not earn a degree.”


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  1. Any story on Condi Rice has a medicinal effect on me. Everytime I read about her latest work I find myself reaching for a barf bag. I don’t know who’s worse for Israel-her or Idiot Olmert. Looks like they’re about tied at this point. One will kill Israel and the other will bury it the way things are going. No combination of Islamaniacs is deadlier than either one of these idiots.

  2. Rice is carrying out official White House policy. She works for President Bush. (He is the decider) The policies are wrong, even disasterous, but she is not an uncontrolable “rouge” operating off-shore. If President Bush doesn’t like how she’s running the State Department, he should direct her accordingly. Or replace her. Since he’s done neither, he either approves of her or is an iffeffective leader. Probably both.

  3. Charles Bogle,

    They both suck. Yes she follows Bush’s policies but if she truly disgreed with them, they would either change or she would resign.

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