Australian Lefties: Bring Haneef back! Long Live Jihad! Free burkas for all!

* Cupidity and stupidity go hand in hand, sanity takes a backseat and doctor Haneef, a close associate to the failed Glasgow suicide-bombers, is now ‘free to come back’- yeah baby: the leftie loony jihad alliance is working day and night to bring us the light of Islam!


* Fuckwit alert

Minister won’t block Haneef visa

IMMIGRATION Minister Chris Evans says he will take no action to cancel the work visa of former terror suspect Mohamed Haneef after it was effectively reinstated by an appeal court today.

The full bench of the Federal Court today dismissed an appeal lodged by Federal Government lawyers against a judge’s decision to reinstate Dr Haneef’s visa.

As things stood, the former Gold Coast doctor was now free to return to work in Australia, Senator Evans said.

Former federal immigration minister Kevin Andrews cancelled Dr Haneef’s visa on character grounds after terror-related charges were laid against him. Those charges were later dropped.

Senator Evans said he had reviewed the latest Australian Federal Police information on Dr Haneef and found there was no basis to cancel his visa on character grounds.

“I formed the judgment there was no basis for me to seek to move to cancel Dr Haneef’s visa,” he said in Perth.

“The effect of that is that Dr Haneef’s visa stands as valid.

“Dr Haneef is therefore entitled to return to this country and take up employment in accordance with his 457 visa.”

Senator Evans also said he was seeking solicitor-general’s advice on the Federal Court’s interpretation of the Migration Act, and had not ruled out a possible appeal to the High Court.

However, he was not inclined to pursue an appeal at this stage.

The Government could also consider changes to the Migration Act, he said.

Australian Federal Police arrested Dr Haneef at Brisbane International Airport on July 2 as he attempted to board a one-way flight to India, just days after failed terror attacks in Britain.

He was held for 12 days before finally being charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation for giving his mobile phone SIM card to his cousin Sabeel Ahmed, one of the men accused of the attempted UK bomb attacks.

The charge was dropped a fortnight later after Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Damien Bugg found there was no reasonable prospect of securing a conviction against the 27-year-old.

However, Mr Andrews had already cancelled his visa on character grounds, meaning Dr Haneef was unable to return to work at the Gold Coast Hospital.

Dr Haneef has spent most of the past five months at his family home in Bangalore but his lawyer has repeatedly said the doctor wants to return to work on the Gold Coast.


Haneef may seek compensation

THE lawyers for former terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef have said that their client was considering seeking compensation.


Dr Mohammed Haneef when he returned to India after his visa to Australia was cancelled by the then immigration minister Kevin Andrews


Dr Haneef’s lawyer, Peter Russo, said a decision was yet to be made about whether Dr Haneef would seek compensation.

The counsel representing Immigration Minister Chris Evans has applied for the judge’s decision to be stayed pending a possible appeal to the High Court.

Dr Haneef’s barrister, Stephen Keim SC, opposed the application and said there was no justification for it as his client’s life should not be disrupted further.

Dr Haneef has spent most of the past five months at his family home in Bangalore.

He is now in Mecca in Saudi Arabia on the annual Muslim pilgrimage.


Anti-Dhimmitude spotted in the USA:

Keep on knocking but you can’t come in’


* not welcome in the US of A: Tariq Ramadan

ACLU whines: Federal Judge Wrongly Allows Exclusion of Renowned Muslim Scholar

from Weasel Zippers:

The ACLU’s defending a notorious Islamist?

* Yes, brother: that’s what they do.


David Hicks was ready to die a Muslim ‘martyr’

* Headbangers everywhere:

“Fit, young Muslim, ready to defend Islam”

DAVID Hicks’s enthusiasm for dying as a Muslim martyr has been revealed in a letter he wrote to his mother while he was training with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2001.

The letter is one of a series released by the Australian Federal Police as part of their bid to persuade a federal magistrate that the confessed terrorist, who is due to be released from an Adelaide jail on December 29, should become only the second Australian subject to a terrorism control order.

“There are many privileges in heaven,” Hicks said in the letter.

“One reward I get in being martyred – I get to take ten members of my family to heaven who were destined for hell. But first I also must be martyred.

“Islam will rule again but for now we must have patience … we are asked to sacrifice our lives for Allah’s cause – why not?”

Hicks also described himself as a “fit, young Muslim, ready to defend Islam”, and in another letter wrote of the “poison” of the West, which he said was trying to crush Islam.

“Jihad is still valid to this day,” he wrote.

Barrister Andrew Berger, for the AFP, yesterday outlined the sophisticated terrorism training Hicks underwent at camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he learned to use shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missiles capable of bringing down airliners.

Mr Berger said the evidence repudiated any suggestion that Hicks was “all talk, no action”.

“Rather than a dog whose bark was worse than his bite, (Hicks) has demonstrated a willingness to take action,” Mr Berger said.


* Hicks aka Mahmud Daoud, role model for Labor Party youth and Australian progressives! Read it all!

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  1. * Minister won’t block Haneef visa

    * Haneef may seek compensation

    * “Jihad is still valid to this day” [Hicks]

    … and the “War on Terror” continues, while the “Religion of Peace” is nurtured & coddled.

    The West will pay a heavy price for its ineptitude and inaction, and not necessarily at the hands of Islam.

  2. As I’ve said before I’d love to be around somehow if the Koranists rule the world. I want to see the stupid looks on the faces of the lefties while they are killed in droves. I almost pity them for their apalling ignorance.


  3. Its funny, Haneef’s cousins were allowed to live and work in Glasgow. I am not allowed to live there as my grandparents were born in Australia, but yet I am descended from Scottish refugees of the clearances. Then Haneef is allowed to get a visa back to my country even though he is a terror threat. I guess if I was a Palestinian I could set off bombs for a right of return and that would be o-kay with Haneef and his religious buddies.

  4. On Foxnews, LiveDesk, this morning Bridgett Gabriel was on talking about the sowdi’s saying they are going to rehabilitate their jihadists.

    Well, we should all know about taqiyya again and the sowdis do it so well, What they are doing with their jihadists is not saying to stop killing all human beings – they are saying to stop killing muslims and especially don’t do it in their dirty cat litter box. It is ok for them to kill – just do it elsewhere and make sure they get some infidels/kufir.

    So, once again there is no change in the sowdis taqiyya and their following their book that is more useful as toilet paper than anything else. hhhmmmm, it might be too harsh on my sensitive butt – I would rather use something else not so filthy to begin with.

  5. * leftie loony jihad alliance is working day and night to bring us the light of Islam!

    The Coalition basically exited stage right last month, but they were the mother lode when it came to spreading the “light” of Islam at the Saudi-funded Malek Fahd Islamic “School” in NSW, which jizya’d its way to the top of the test results…
    And the winner is: how private schools get paid
    By Kelly Burke, Education Reporter
    March 16, 2004

    One of those is Malek Fahd Islamic School, in Sydney’s south-west, which at $10.2 million in combined funding receives the most government money of NSW schools. Built on land bought in the early 1990s with a $12 million gift from the King of Saudi Arabia, Malek Fahd is also one of the state’s largest schools, with 1740 students. Drawing its student base primarily from the suburbs of Bankstown and Greenacre, it is categorised as one of the poorest, with an SES score of just 89.

  6. More on Malek Frauhd …,20867,18594372-2702,00.html
    Islamic body ‘using school to milk funds’

    Natalie O’Brien | March 25, 2006

    AUSTRALIA’S peak Islamic council has been accused by its own internal investigators of funding its activities with public money siphoned off from a non-profit Muslim school.
    A leaked report alleges the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils is artificially inflating rents to milk federal and state government funds from the popular Malek Fahd school in western Sydney, possibly contrary to government rules. […]

  7. “Australian Lefties – Bring Haneef back.”
    New Labor Immigration Minister Chris Evans won’t block Haneef visa.

    Expect more, many more, of these decisions from the Rudd Labor Government and their Leftoid judges.

    Who is paying the fees and travel expenses for Dr. Haneef’s lawyer Peter Russo? And for his barrister Stephen Keim?

    Islam, with the aid of civil libertarians (SERVILE libertarians), will destroy Western civilization.

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