The Supression of Dissent in the European Parliament in Strasbourg

With thanks to Baron Bodissey from the Gates of Vienna

* Isn’t it strange that this video never made it into the MSM?

* The video below (courtesy of the Devil’s Kitchen) shows a protest by MEPs at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on December 12th. The occasion was the signing of the “Charter of Fundamental Rights”. The protesters were objecting to the fact that most of their governments have refused to hold a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. It appears that some rights are not all that fundamental after all.

How Liberty Dies

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Defaming Islam


by Baron Bodissey

According to CNS news, the UN General Assembly has passed a resolution against the “defamation of religions”, especially Islam.

I’ve never felt a particular need to defame Islam, since Islam is perfectly capable of defaming itself.

But this, of course, is hate speech, not to mention racism and xenophobia, and is thus defamatory in its own right. Once the UN gets its way, I won’t be able to say it anymore.

The anti-religious defamation resolution was introduced by the OIC as a corrective to the Islamophobia revealed by the Mohammed cartoon crisis in Denmark. It has been kicking around the UN in committee for a couple of years, and generally flew under the radar until it was passed by the General Assembly this week without attracting any undue attention.

What makes the UN resolution different from the EU’s initiatives — and what probably caused some European countries to vote against it — is that the UN version mentions Islam as a specially protected religion. No other religion is specified in it. The United Nations now makes it official: Islam has been elevated above other religions, and has effectively become the established religion at the UN.


The Islamic countries of the OIC are well-versed in human rights jargon, and have used it to great effect in this resolution. The text asserts that “respect for cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity, as well as dialogue among and within civilizations, is essential for peace, understanding and friendship among individuals and people of the different cultures and nations of the world”, and wants “to promote greater harmony and tolerance in all societies”.

But the wording leaves no doubt about which religion and culture it intends to protect. The resolution:
– – – – – – – – –

Opposes “the introduction and enforcement of laws that specifically discriminate against and target Muslims”;

Points out “the increasing trend in recent years of statements attacking religions, Islam and Muslims in particular, especially in human rights forums”;

Asserts that “Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism”; and

“Stresses the need to effectively combat defamation of all religions, Islam and Muslims in particular, especially in human rights forums”.

The camel’s nose under the UN human rights tent is the concept of “racism and xenophobia” as a violation of human rights. Conflating the fear of Islam with racism and/or xenophobia is a well-established technique for placing criticism of Islam out of bounds. Such logic is fundamentally flawed — Nigerian Christians are, after all, the same race and nationality as the Muslims who burn their churches, but any mention or criticism of such an issue will be forbidden under the UN’s guidelines.

* Read it all. You must!

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  1. Since Islamania is a cult of death it needn’t be covered by this resolution. And real religions can be worry free about attacks from the Koranists.

    In an ideal world that is.

  2. “The magnitude of the islamic threat demands radical responses that fall outside the cognitive parameters of the elite class” – Serge Trifkovic.

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