Breeding Genocidal Zombies

Pakistan: The New Taliban


There are as many as 10,000 Islamic schools in Karachi alone. 

The maulana on his tour insisted that the religious school was not a training ground for militants as people in the West thought. He was right in one sense: There were no weapons lying around. But the Islamic schools, even those without direct links to violence, promote an ideology that provides religious justification for violent attacks. An entire generation of Pakistanis is growing up in these madrassas, devoid of any critical thinking, and developing severe hatred for anything Western.

These Pakistanis are the backbone of the religious parties and they have the street power to paralyze cities.

In 2002, President Musharraf vowed to reform the madrassa system and its curriculum. Foreign students were to be registered with the government and the classroom content was to be vetted. Five years later, his plans have failed. Maulana Ghayas declared that the president could not control the madrassas because they were not funded by the government and did not rely on their resources. “We are an independent body,” he told me. “We rely on private donations, how can the president control us? We will never listen to him.”

* Can you smell the Sowdi petro-dollars?

At the madrassa I met 25-year-old Khan Sahab, an Afghani by birth, who told me that Pakistan’s true identity had been distorted by President Musharraf. “He thinks that Kamal Ataturk [the father of the modern Turkish republic] should be Pakistan’s mascot. Our ideal is our Prophet Mohammad, not some secular Turkish man.” Khan had spent the past four years studying at this madrassa, and he hoped that the headmaster would win the elections. “President Musharraf has women on television, there is no Shariah law here, women can walk around amongst men, we will change all of that when our leaders come to power. That is the true destiny of Pakistan.”

The party’s leader, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, is a suave politician and is not opposed to working with the more secular parties in Pakistani politics, his followers are more hard line. They want an Islamic Shariah-run government more severe than Saudi Arabia’s. 

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“Imagine 225,000, 250,000, even 100,000 kids who have been taught to hate America, hate the West, get ready for martyrdom”

That is, martyrdom in the Islamic sense: gaining Paradise by killing and being killed, per Qur’an 9:111. And this is in service of a supremacist and expansionist vision: “A seventh-grade textbook encourages students to “not cease until the redeeming message of ‘there is no god but Allah’ is realized throughout the whole world.”

“Iran Educates Children to ‘Seek Martyrdom,'” by Erick Stakelbeck for CBN News  via JW – During Iran’s war with Iraq in the 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini sent thousands of Iranian children directly into minefields.

He promised that they’d see heaven as their reward.

* They were given a little plastic key around their neck so they could open the doors to the Islamic bordello…

Today’s Iranian leadership is quite unpopular with its growing younger generation — the Mullahs are attempting to reclaim this group one textbook at at a time.

This is becoming a common scene in Iran. Pro-democracy Protests against the ruling regime. Just last weekend Tehran University students waved signs that said “live free or die.”

In some ways, this is the new face of Iran– 70 percent of the population is under the age of 30. Many of these Iranians are hungry for the kind of freedoms Americans enjoy. But the Iranian government has other ideas.

“Imagine 225,000, 250,000 even 100,000 kids who have been taught to hate America, hate the West, get ready for martyrdom,” Shayan Arya said.

Shayan Arya’s family left Iran when he was a teenager. He says the government’s educational curriculum teaches children as young as first grade to prepare for war and seek martyrdom.

“You are responsible for learning it–you get tested on it, you have to study it, you have to write papers on it, you have to answer to your teachers, he said.

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance recently gave CBN News an exclusive look at some Iranian textbooks. All non-Muslims are portrayed as evil — especially the U.S. and Israel.

A seventh-grade textbook encourages students to “not cease.until the redeeming message of ‘there is no god but Allah’ is realized throughout the whole world.”


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  1. Wow, you read my mind. I was writing on blogs yesterday that islam breeds psychopathic murderers.

    Here is a sign they should put up to get some converts: “To all Pediphiles and Psychopaths – we got the religion for you! ISLAM!”

    And further down on their sign, they could say – you can marry 9 year olds, you can kill your wife and just call it ‘honor killing’ (or if you just want to beat the crap out of her – that is ok too!), you can kill anyone you want – just say they are kufir or have abrogated from islam! It doesn’t matter – everything will be ok if you know the correct words to say to exhonerate yourself!

  2. Never mind the petrodollars – the BRITISH government has given half a BILLION pounds to Pakiland specifically for funding madrassas in the past two years.

    Who’s the enemy?

  3. The IQ of the world in general would be much higher if the Koran never contaminated it. Think of all those millions who do nothing but study that book of abominations-they can’t count to ten or write their own name or even understand 90 percent of that damned Koran but they can recite it mindlessly. How many of these people could have done something useful had they studied something of value rather than trying to be “pious”?

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