To Rape Or Not To Rape: “2 Sides Of The Same Coin”

Hat tip Carl in Jerusalem/link to mother in Israel

* Take a deep breath: here comes another one of these wakademic studies that will rip your socks off:

The real reason Israeli soldiers don’t rape Palestinian women

We take a break for a rare political post.

The newspaper Makor Rishon writes about a recent study authored by researcher Tal Nitzan and published by the Hebrew University’s Shein Center for Social Studies. According to the study, Israeli soldiers refrain from raping Palestinian women in the “occupied territories” not because they are more humane. In fact the opposite is true, says researcher Tal Nitzan. Israeli soldiers don’t rape the women because they have been taught to dehumanize Palestinian women. Another reason is that the soldiers don’t want the Arab population to increase through pregnancies as a result of the rapes; according to Nitzan that would be considered an ason leumi–a national tragedy.

The Israeli Sociology Association awarded the report a mark of excellence.

Here’s a quote from the study:

As Israelis/Jews, who view themselves as moral, the soldiers find it difficult to commit martial rapes. It seems that (in Bosnia) men identified themselves as Serbians through committing public group rapes of Bosnian women; Jews identify themselves as non-rapists, non-assimilationists, as a nation unique in the embrace of God. Rape and non-rape are two sides of the same coin, which in different situations the use of either one can lead to the same results. [emphasis and translation mine]

Nitzan notes that the Israeli army is the only one not to commit mass rapes when it occupies another country.

Somehow I doubt that Nitzan would praise Israeli soldiers if they were in the habit of raping Palestinian women.


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  1. Sounds like someone is regretting this fact. The fact that someone came up with this study at all is absurd to say the least.

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