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* The Bunglawala of the ‘ancient rulings’ found a willing tool at the Guardian, a Martin Hodgson, who tries to help the MCB in its attempted cover up regarding hate literature in British mosques:

Evidence of extremism in mosques ‘fabricated’

A rightwing thinktank which claimed to have uncovered extremist literature on sale at dozens of British mosques was last night accused of basing a report on fabricated evidence.

* In the queer and twisted world of Guardanistan anybody critical of Islam is automatically ‘rightwing’ – they are totally unbiased, obviously…

Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “Policy Exchange produced a report that was given a lot of publicity, and Newsnight deserve credit for exposing the incredibly shoddy and dubious methodology that Policy Exchange have resorted to. It would seem that Policy Exchange had already decided what they wanted to say about mosques and just went out to find or should I say invent the evidence to justify their prejudices.”

Policy Exchange’s research director, Dean Godson, insisted it stood by the report “100%”. He said the thinktank had checked its evidence thoroughly and the allegations did not challenge the substance of the study – that such extremist literature was being widely sold.

* “We are standing by our report and the Muslim researchers that helped compile it,” he added.

Muslim undercover researchers visited nearly 100 mosques. In 26 of them, they found extremist material – titles such as Women Who Deserve to Go to Hell (for answering their husbands back), virulent insults of Jews and homosexuals, puritanical attacks on moderate Muslims, calls for the complete rejection of Western society etc.

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* Take the hatred out of the Koran and you are left with one page, perhaps two…

Update: Al Bebeeceera turns on the undercover researchers, put’s life’s at risk

More background information on that story from earlier, about MPACUK’s hunt for “Zio-Con frauds.”

Appallingly, the subjects of MPACUK’s search were actually exposed by the BBC, in a strange and pathetic attempt to cover their butts after covering up a story about the prevalence of radical Islamic hate literature in British mosques: Newsnight told a small story over a big one.

The real oddity of all this is that the actual contents of the report have been validated.

Extremist literature was available in the mosques, and in some cases still is. The mosques could not dissociate themselves from the literature and, in most cases, did not even try to: they jumped on the receipts instead.

One mosque insisted that the next-door bookshop selling extreme stuff had nothing to do with it, yet the extremist books in question which the shop sells are by a former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia (author of a famous essay in which he literally asserted that the Earth is flat) who was a founding sponsor of the mosque!

I don’t blame Newsnight for reporting questions about receipts, though I deplore their methods. I do blame them for trying to kill the much, much bigger story about the hate that is being preached in our country.

Policy Exchange researches all sorts of public policy – police reform, school choice, housing, as well as on Islamist extremism. Next week comes its big report on improving philanthropy. I find it repellent that the might of the BBC is deployed to threaten and bully a charity in this way.

More important, however, is the fate of Muslims in this country. It is not often realised that the British citizens most persecuted by Islamist extremism are Muslims themselves.

The researchers that Policy Exchange used to find the extreme literature were all Muslims no one else could pass unnoticed in a potentially hostile environment. Because their safety was and is threatened, the think-tank protects their anonymity. On air, Newsnight revealed where some of them were.

Yesterday an Islamist website repeated this and called for supporters to help hunt them down. The BBC has unintentionally exposed them to the risk of harm.

What these brave Muslims undeniably found was evidence of widespread, obnoxious material that is a risk to decent Muslims and to British social order. The BBC chose, in effect, to side with their extreme opponents and to cover up the report, because of an obsession about a few pieces of paper.

By Charles Moore/Telegraph via LGF

One commenter to the BBC nails it:

* Paxman is either at their feet or at their throats-and he got it badly wrong last night with Dean Godson. We know full well that this literature exists and is sanctioned not only by mosques but by libraries. That you collectively chose to major on a minor issue (a tertiary issue as Godsom said) to shoot the messenger and not the purveyors and promulgators of such stuff shows you up for what Godson said-Devils advocates, useful idiots and media stooges and apologists for something you`ll hope to escape when youre not only self-censoring-but being made to lose what little collective courage you once had. Godson only gave us the story behind your agenda and clearly Paxman and you did`nt like it one bit! I`ll not be watching you again-your flagship is a municipal parks pedalo with a plastic sword where a real one will be needed. Goodbye


Islamic denials and the dreadful reality in Muslim schools in Britain:

“Yusuf-rubs-it”- Watch

By Eddie Rollnick

* Wouldn’t it impress you if ONE, just ONE Islamofascist would come out and say “hey, cool it brothers, we have a problem, you know what I’m talking about, there is all this hate-material in the mosques and in the Islamic bookshops, we gotta get real and clean up our act instead of wingeing and whining about some ‘right wingers’ exposing our Islamic cult as the perverted kill-&-die for-Allah bullshit that it is”-

* Quite frankly: that would be impressive. But not a chance; the soldiers of Allah are all clones of one another. The Bunglawussie finds a useful tool and Yusuf from the other planet jumps on it and rubs it, as usual! too predictable, boyz, beyond primitive!

* We all know that 9/11 was done by the Jooozzz, and 7/7 was done by BLiar, and Madrid was done by the tooth fairy and Moscow by Putin, and Bali by Bush-hitler, and Kashmir and the Philippines by the Buddhists. And Irak and Israel and the Palistanians was all caused by the Jooozzz, and Muslims would never do a thing like that, right Yusuf?

* I have a problem with that, Yusuf. I do. I don’t think you guys have your act together and you should shape up or ship out. I would like to know what you -yes you- your ‘community’ contributes to the the wellbeing of this country.

* I would like to see a balance sheet: Profit and Loss, Yusuf- do you understand that?

Because when I think Islam, I don’t get that ‘winning feeling’- Yusuf. Tell me: why is that?

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  1. Mosques have nothing but nice messages in them. That’s why when they empty out people are howling for blood all the time. Funny-you usually don’t see the same thing happening after church or synagogue lets out.

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