Flanders Finances Mosques & Clerics

* From the ‘aiding & abetting the enemy at a time of war’ department:

BRUSSELS, Dec 22, (KUNA) — Six mosques have been officially recognized in the Flanders region in northern Belgium, local media reported Saturday.


* Resistance in Belgium


The recognized mosques will now receive state subsidies and imams will also get a wage from the public purse.

Imams will only qualify if they can show that they are integrated and can speak Dutch and are familiar with Flemish society.
Starting next year the authorities in Flanders will pay 30 percent of the mosques’ building costs, the Flandersnews website reported.
Last year, the government of the Wallon region in southern Belgium granted official recognition to 43 mosques.

It is estimated that there are about 300 mosques in Belgium where some 400, 000 Muslims live out of the total of 10 million population linguistically divided into a French speaking Wallonia in the south and Dutch speaking Flanders in the north.

* The Kuwait News Agency that reports this is delighted over so much stupidity. There is no report about any churches or synagogues in Kuwait or any other Islamic country being financed by Muslims.

Curious, isn’t it?


Gitmo: Prisoners Have Headaches, Aren’t Sleeping Well….

…and the lefttarded loonies are having hissy fits over it:

from Weasel Zippers

Western libtards have a new outrage, we didn’t rehabilitate David Hicks so he can readjust to life after jail. Our evil knows no boundaries….


The first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be convicted by an American military tribunal will be released from prison on Saturday — but six years of harsh treatment in US custody leave him ill-prepared to readjust to normal life, a psychologist says. (he fought with al-Qaeda against America, he feel blessed to still be alive -ed.)

Australian-born David Hicks, who was captured in Afghanistan in 2001, plead guilty earlier this year to charges of providing material support for al- Qaeda terrorists. As part of his plea deal, Hicks was transferred to Australia to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

Appearing in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Monash University psychology professor James Ogloff said that Guantanamo had left a broken Hicks to fend for himself in the free world.

“In some very restrictive regimes, and Guantánamo Bay will fall into that category, the environments are actually designed to break people down,” said Ogloff. “There’s no long term goal of rehabilitating people or having them return to the community. (since when are we in the business of rehabilitating terrorists? -ed.) So the issues that the individual faces is, in fact, being broken into pieces and having to really be put back together.”

During his time at Guantanamo, Hicks alleges that he was beaten, sedated and forced to take unidentified medication, among other abuses.

“They become very anxious and nervous,” he said. “The vast majority of people develop headaches, have problems sleeping, become angry and irritable, have emotional mood swings, high degrees of depression.” (is that suppose to make us feel bad for them? Headaches, wow that’s serious/-ed.)

* Does your heart bleed already? The lefties are not stopping anytime soon…


 Europe, this is what Islam will do to you:


Scott Ott has a warning for EUro-Dhimmies:

Bhutto Killing Puts EuroLeaders On Notice: Time to Choose

by Scott Ott

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has put on notice the leaders of every European nation.

Your secularism, your democracy will not stand.

The growing Muslim populations in your own lands that you have done so much to tolerate, protect and celebrate, will soon rise up against you. Sharia law shall become your law. The Caliph shall rule you.

It remains only for you to choose submission or assassination.

This bullet to the neck of democracy in Pakistan should cause a twinge in the carotid artery of each leader in France, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece…name them all.

The assassin, strapped with bombs and carrying a firearm, stood amidst a cheering throng and took aim at the only major symbol of liberalism and democratic reform in the Islamic world. As the mortally-wounded woman slumped through the sunroof, the happy hunter detonated himself to send a clear message that no security cordon can protect those who rise to oppose jihad.

Cling, if you will, to your professors who drone on about the legitimate grievances of oppressed peoples who wish only to be left alone. Your cartridge clicks into the chamber.

Sing yourself to sleep each night with an ode to peaceful co-existence. The crosshairs find your throat.

Cup your hands over your ears to muffle the unthinkable warnings. The finger squeezes the trigger.

As you mount the rostrum to decry the slaying and call for calm in Pakistan, do you wonder whether your security detail could stop him?

As you send your condolences to the grieving widower, the shattered supporters and the tottering Pakistani president, himself a target of previous assassination attempts, do you have a strategy for negotiating with those who embrace murderous martyrdom?

Which will you choose — submission or assassination?

Take your time deciding, but know this: The bullet hurtles onward.


* Would be interesting to see what Scott Ott has to say about his own presidency that is very much associated with Wahabites and supports Islamic terror from Palistan to Pakistan and from Egypt to Mindanao.



Here’s the view from Islam Online:

Death of Bhutto: A day of joy

* Islam Online is the official site of the insane Islamofascist nutbag Omar Bakri Mohammed

By declaring war on Islam and so-called “terrorists” she has faced the consequences.

Some are questioning if she was a Muslimah or not. Firstly, it is known that she was Ismaa’eeli, and not Muslim. But for argument’s sake, even if she was a Muslim, she ruled by kufr (non-Islamic) law and declared complete apostasy by allying with the enemies of Allah against Ahl ut-Tawheed (the people of Islam) – therefore she was a disbeliever.

Her death is a lesson for all other leaders around the world, especially the rulers of Muslim countries.


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  1. Aren’t these some of the same ailments a person in jail would suffer? So just think of a person who didn’t commit a heinous crime yet has to serve time in jail. The answer is “they did the crime, they do the time”. Right? So why should it be any different with a ROPMA follower????? Such stupid remarks from the left.

  2. So the poor thing is in pieces and has to be put back together? Well, isn’t that why they call it the religion of Pieces? It’s dysfunctional; nothing about it works; it’s broken. When you’re a Faithful Follower of the Holy Prophet you have to put your mind on standby (to wit: Allah is just waiting to send you to Hell therefore he is Merciful and most-Compassionate; Islam is a religion of peace, now go and slay the unbelievers for Allah’s sake; women have freedom and respect and dignity as long as they are completely owned by a man and understand they have only half the value of a man; if a woman is not sufficiently controlled by her father, brother, or husband she must be murdered to restore “honor” to the family). We already know (from much evidence these past 6 years or so) that most of these third-world refugees are “broken” and “unable to fend for themselves in the free world”. Send ’em back home to where Sharia is already established and nobody draws cartoons linking Islam with violence (the horror!). Do NOT allow Sharia to be established in the West. It’ll kill you. It will kill us all.

  3. I think he should have been executed as a traitor to australia, he has a photo in the sunday times here in perth, his appearance is dramatically changed , all the more to blend into our community to wage his jihad by stealth and he will wait his time and when it is least expected he will kill in the name of jihad, he shoudl be hanged for treason, as all other australians caught travellign overseas for al qaida training camps, giving money to any terrorist front organisation, kill them, and behead or hang them but never ever let them live, their poison spreads like the vile lice they are on humanity, we need a anti jihad jihad and deport all muslims and close all mosques, we need a truth commision on islam and we need the truth on islam to be exposed so they do nto murder us whom are trying to stop this islamisation of australia
    Kill david hicks, what the f happened to the media talking about him in his islam name, he is still a filthy muzzie so call h im by his obscene islamnutter name, he should be executed legally, not murdered, he must be taken to the high court or whatever the hell it needs and executed for treason now


  5. It’s obvious b.b. wanted to be a martyr, but for what? She probably realized the situation for the pakis is hopeless, but why jeopardize the security detail? Doesn’t a woman only get half a paradise?

  6. BB knew her ass was grass and that it was a matter of time before they succeeded in killing her. What she has accomplished by being “martyred” is (A) anger at Musharaff, (B) rile up the damn jihadis. She was a typical muslim. Western education…..so what. Obviously, over in the litter box, these people keep creating problems for themselves instead of shutting the hell up about Mo and seriously trying to work things out. It’s like dealing with a two year old kid….MY way or I will whine and seethe. The only difference is a two year old won’t chop your head off or blow dozens of people up.

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