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London, Dec. 03 – The following photos of police brutality in Iran were sent to Iran Focus by Iranian opposition activists.

The State Security Forces (SSF) are presently carrying out a nationwide crackdown primarily targeting youths and women under the guise of combating “trouble-makers” and “mal-veilers”.

The nationwide clampdown began in April. Some images of the crackdown have been aired daily on state television in what numerous Iran analysts believe is to spread fear in society. So far, both the European Union and the United States have been by-and-large silent toward the government-orchestrated crackdown.




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Expect more crack-downs from the ‘Islamic Police of Morality’

* This is been going on for a long time. The lunatic Shiite clerics are terrorizing their people with ‘dress-codes’ – among other things.

Iran: “Considering the start of the cold season and its special way of dressing, police will start early next week a drive against women who wear improper dress.”

Grab your coat, grab your hat, your chador, and your running shoes, and then leave your worries on the doorstep (maybe). It’s not just summertime that presents the possibility of running afoul of the Iranian police. “Tight trousers targeted in Iran clothing crackdown,” from Al Reuters via DW

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian police will crack down on women in Tehran flouting Islamic dress codes with winter fashions deemed immodest, such as tight trousers tucked into long boots, an officer was quoted as saying on Saturday.
“Considering the start of the cold season and its special way of dressing, police will start early next week a drive against women who wear improper dress,” Tehran police chief Ahmad Reza Radan was quoted as saying by state news agency IRNA.

“Tight trousers tucked inside long boots while wearing short overcoats are against Islamic codes,” the police chief said.

“Wearing a hat or cap instead of scarves is also against Islamic dress codes.”



Thailand Religion of Peace Watch:

Bomb kills 6, wounds 25 in Thai Muslim south

PATTANI, Thailand, Dec 4 (Reuters) – A motorcycle bomb exploded outside a busy restaurant in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south on Tuesday, killing six people, including two boys, government officials said. Two Muslim men died instantly when the bomb, left in a motorcycle parked in front of the restaurant, exploded in Pattani, one of four southern provinces where more than 2,600 have been killed in nearly four years of insurgency, an army spokesman said.

“We suspect the two dead men might have been the bombers who failed to escape before the bomb exploded,” Acra Tiproch said by telephone from the Muslim south.
Two women and two boys died at the hospital where 25 wounded people were being treated, Pattani’s deputy governor Vinai Kruvanapat told reporters at the hospital.
The southern violence is centred in the region bordering Malaysia, a Malay-speaking former sultanate annexed by Thailand about a century ago.

* Note how Al Reuters snuggles this ‘former sultanate annexed by Thailand about a century ago’- into each and everyone of their reports lately? Preparing the ground for the ‘liberation’ by the Islamofascists, are we? Malay-speaking” is absolute bullshit, they speak Thai and not Malay in Sauthern Thailand.

Since July, security forces have launched almost daily raids on suspected insurgent hideouts in villages and towns and have detained dozens of people without charge.

Human rights groups say detainees are exposed to potential abuses by the army, which is operating under martial law that grants soldiers immunity from prosecution. (Reporting by Khemin Guagoon; Writing by Nopporn Wong-Anan; Editing by Martin Petty and Alex Richardson)

* Unbelievable how these far left wacko-journo’s side with the Islamic enemy of Thailand to smear the police and the army.


A member of the bomb disposal squad inspects the bodies of Buddhist state officials in Pattani province November 21, 2007. Suspected Islamic rebels killed four Buddhist state officials on Wednesday in a roadside gun attack in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south, police said. REUTERS/Stringer

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  1. Good thing the Iranians got rid of that evil shah-he really was unbearable. The society of Khomeini is much more just and happy-full of love and freedom too. Such a paradise!

  2. Notice how Reuters is able to provide that info freely regarding the sultanate, but does not do so when dealing with territory like Israel…which is historically Jewish..

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