The holiest of holies

Ever wondered what Muslims worship?

* Inspired by Shiva


The Black Stone (Kaaba)
Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what it resembles



Well, first of all Muslims worship Muhammad, who was the perfect man, (uswa hasana, al insan al kamil) a model of conduct for all mankind, for all time. Without Muhammad no Muhammadanism, and his alter ego, ‘Allah’- or Al-Ilha, as the moon-god of the pagan Arabs was called, would probably still be one of the statues among many others in the kaaba in Mecca.


Muslims will vehemently deny that they worship Muhammad, but at the same time they will tell you ‘we love our prophet more than our own children,- we will kill and die to defend the honor of our profit’– etc. You saw the obsessed, fanatical f*kcwits in Sudan ready to clobber a British teacher to mince-meat because she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad. You remember the reaction about these ridiculous Muhammad cartoons in Denmark? You will see the same obsession about the Koran, when they go ape-shit over stories that a Koran was kicked or thrown in a toilet or somehow mishandled by a kufar.

So what you have essentially is a trinity: Muhammad is the role model to be emulated in every possible way by every muslim, the Koran, which is the ‘Mein Kampf’ of Islam, and last not least the imaginary ‘Allah’- which is an abstract concept. In the Koran Allah threatens the believers with hellfire and grievous punishments if they don’t follow Muhammad, and Allah grants Muhammad every wish (how convenient) and sends down the heavenly sura’s just at the right time for Mo to justify raiding caravans, stealing, looting, wiping out other tribes, killing their men, raping their women and selling their children into slavery.

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  1. There it is-Islamania is guilty of its own grave sin of polytheism. The punishment is death. What are they waiting for?

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