Netherlands: More Muhammad Flicks In the Making

The Dutch are going with the one-two punch. Wilders film on the “fascist” Koran and Jami on the pedophile “Prophet.” Rage Boy’s gonna be in high demand….


Koranimal with knife

Ehsan Jami works on film on Islam

AMSTERDAM – Ehsan Jami, founder of the Committee for Former Muslims, has followed Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s example and made a short film about radical Islam, the Telegraaf reports.

The film entitled The life of Mohammed should be ready in February or March of next year and will cause more of a commotion than the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, the former Labour PvdA member says.

“I show how violent and tyrannical Mohammed was. This man murdered three Jewish tribes, killed people who left the faith, and married a 6-year-old girl, with whom he had sex when she was 9,” Jami says in comment on the contents of the 10-minute film.

The politician, who is still under heavy protection, says the film only shows the facts and does not aim to polarise the situation. “I will give EUR 50,000 to anyone who can refute these facts.”

Cool. Read it?


Koran rage, cartoon rage, Gitmo rage, Abu Ghraib rage, Pope rage, Mo rage, Teddy bear rage, Mof*k*%#dickrage…

Australia: Inmates using al-Qaeda Manual to Take Over the State’s Jails….

Heath Gilmore

ISLAMIC extremists are using an al-Qaeda training manual to give them instructions for taking over the state’s toughest jails, prison authorities have alleged.

Up to 40 inmates had established an internal organisational structure to maintain morale, resist interrogation and recruit members to Islam.

The prisoners had set up leadership groups in several maximum-security jails, with their activities governed by the code outlined in the al-Qaeda manual for incarcerated followers.

A number of Corrective Services staff have been targeted, some with violent threats by inmate groups. Other staff have been singled out for conversion to Islam.

NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos said an undisclosed number of inmates had been transferred to other jails in an attempt to disrupt the leadership groups.

Mr Hatzistergos said he was extremely concerned about the broader attempts to infiltrate the jail system, which were uncovered after sweeping changes to prison regulations allowed 24-hour monitoring of Muslim inmates.

The latest crackdown followed the disclosure this year that a third of the state’s most dangerous criminals held in the highest-security jail in Australia, the Super Max facility inside Goulburn jail, were Muslim fundamentalists or converts to Islam.

“The insidious nature of these activities remind us we have to be constantly vigilant to these types of threats for the security of our correctional system,” Mr Hatzistergos said.

NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham said international prison authorities had alerted Australian authorities to the existence of the manual three months ago.

Corrective Services staff had since uncovered patterns of behaviour among inmates consistent with instructions in the manual, including hunger strikes, group protests and claims of mistreatment, he said.

“There were hunger strikes and organised complaints about their treatment,” he said. “We have detected the leadership in groups across our maximum security jails [and] have moved in to segregate them and split them up.

“There is nothing wrong with conversion to Islam for the right reasons, but we believe there has been conversion taking place for the wrong reasons.”

* Me thinks their conversion is very wrong in any case.

* Because prison da’awa turns violent crims into violent fanatical jihad crims. How is that supposed to help them re-integrate in society?

The Security Threat Group Intervention Program, established in 2003 to stop ethnic and other criminal gangs exerting control within NSW jails, is now being used to identify and relocate the ringleaders who are applying the code outlined in the al-Qaeda manual, to counter the growing threat of terrorism.

5 thoughts on “Netherlands: More Muhammad Flicks In the Making”

  1. Good old “Auntie” covered this from the AFIC angle, with Ikebal Patel calling for more “moderate” muslim clerics to be parachuted into the prisons to keep the prisoners on the “correct” / “moderate” Islam, & says the Government should do more to prevent extremist activity in jails. Banning Islam, korans, & halal food in jails would be a good start.

    Also by Heath Gilmore in the SMH: Rejection for Islamic school (Bass Hill, not Camden)

  2. Who will have the guts to show such a movie? I doubt CNN will show any of it.

    Cure for Islamaniac takeover of prisons-exile them!

  3. I have little faith in the NSW government doing anything about the problems in the SuperMax prisons. What’s the bet they do nothing whatever?

  4. Gramfan, I have little faith in the NSW government, but unfortunately I suspect they will do something, and swallow Patel’s snake oil & send in the “moderate” Imams / clerics (which of course is worse than doing nothing). Probably turn on more jizyah to fund the fiasco, too.

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