Sydney: Islamic School Axed

Good News from Bankstown thanks to Mullah:

Heath Gilmore / SMH

A SYDNEY council is set to reject a proposed Islamic college as tension about religious educational facilities escalates across the city.

Bankstown City Council will determine the development application for the 1200-student Al Amanah Islamic College at Bass Hill on Tuesday night.

Nearly 2500 submissions were received from residents – 1829 against, 649 in support.

Council staff have recommended that the development – a primary and secondary school, a 30-place child-care centre with two residences for caretakers, a reception and convention hall, a sporting hall and an indoor pool – be refused.

Planning director Gerry Beasley said council had relied on advice from the Roads and Traffic Authority and the Department of Education and Training, and its own staff.

Thousands of residents have held meetings to stop Islamic schools being built across Sydney, including in Bass Hill. Last week two pig heads were rammed onto metal stakes, with an Australian flag between them, on the site of a proposed school in Camden.

* Something to suck on, Irf!


* Are these promotional tools for a 7th century cult desecrating the flag?

* Desecrating the flag does not make them Australians. 


Fitzgerald: Learning from Muslims themselves 

In this news article, one more of those young Muslims claiming that “Islamophobia” explains mistrust of Muslims and of Islam, and if only we “learned about Islam from Muslims themselves,” we would think differently. He is, in other words, full of the usual nonsense. 

The highly  erudite  Hugh Fitzgerald straightens him out, read it all 

10 thoughts on “Sydney: Islamic School Axed”

  1. umm … yes Jeremy, I have a bit of a thingy against muslims … outright prejudice? … umm, YES … so what?

  2. Savitch mentioned Jeremy Bingham, which in turn leads to Deacons law firm, which does development applications & other corporate law, and Abbas Aly & a previous effort to stop a Muslim development at Annandale … Bankstown may reject the school, but be overturned in the environment court. I wonder how much of this Islam problem is being fuelled by the government allowing visas for skilled IT workers & the like from India etc who follow Mo.

  3. If they want outright acceptance of islam – take a one way trip to one of their muslim countries – where they can be as intolerant as they like to be. it is about time someone is showing them that spreading their intolerance will not be tolerated. Tolerating intolerance is not tolerance. (I got that somewhere but I forgot – but it was in regard to muslim’s intolerance towards us)

  4. Want an Islamic school to learn all about your cult? Go to the ummah-there are many to choose from. Quit whining already!

  5. It seems pretty obvious that all of this opposition to a proposed Muslim school in Camden stems from a lack of education on the protestor’s behalf and a desire to deny what they lack to other people.

    Put down your newspapers people they’re full of untruths and scare mongering. Obviously it is effective. What are you achieving by pushing hatred and fear. That is how war’s start. Our father’s and grandfather’s fought and died against this kind of intolerance. You dishonour our fallen ANZAC legends. Shame.

  6. As a resident of Bass Hill since 1959 till 1965 I had a pleasure of living there .Clarke street and Horton was
    mostly occupied by Lithuanian migrants.
    At the begining there was no church. There was a wondefull Browns family who allowed their House
    for Sunday service.There was no thought of demanding
    a School like the muslims of today.
    Whats wrong with the existant School at Bass Hill ?
    Our children was very happy there.But the muslims
    practising religion of Stone age monkeys needs a School
    at Bass Hill to “teach religion our children”,said one of the
    women on televission. If you want your religion,then what
    are you doing here in Australia. Go to the country that is still practising your religion.I am not going to miss you.
    And specially the babies frigtened by the goasts sweeping
    streets with their long gowns in 30 degree heath.

  7. I am a full blooded australian, my history is completely australian, my great grandfather was an anzac and i am absolutley disgusted by this website that is allowing people to believe that rascism is okay. Australia is supposed to be a country of multiculutral values and I think that all you bigots should remember that ‘white’ anglo-saxon, christian/catholic Australians came here on convict ships and destroyed the Aboriginal race. So before you go saying that Muslims should not have a school opened in Australia so they can practice their religion you should remember that the reason why ‘white’ Australian’s came here in the first place was because they were criminals. Get a fucking education, or better yet vote Pauline Hanson or the White Australian Policy back into power so Australia can get rid of the so-called “accepting” value and you disgusting rascists can have the country you most prefer.

    1. Come back and explain what ‘race’ Islam is and we will share your disgust with you! Deal?

      And since you’re so disgusted with yourself for being alive in a wonderful, democratic Australia, why are you so full of self-hatred to f*k cit up?

      Please explain!

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