The Cheapness of US-Populism is Revolting


* Why should we care whether Obama is an apostate of Islam or a born again Barbie doll worshiper?

* Atlas has an interesting take on him here***

* But all that really matters is right here, because a picture is better than a thousand words:


* A guy who holds on to his crotch while everyone else salutes the flag cannot be POTUS, no way. Oprah needs a shoe in her fat ass for her purely racist/tribal choice.

* Whatever he is, he is not kosher. And we’re not ready for halal. Never!

* This whole charade sux. The cheapness of US-populism is revolting.

* Get these assclowns out of politix!


* Thanks to a new found contributor:

Kosovo and Israel: a shared betrayal


WTF is wrong with the US of A?

CAIR calls for ‘conversation to begin’ at banquet

* What they really mean is ‘conversion’- not conversation…

By ABDUSSALAM MOHAMED, Senior Staff Writer

ANAHEIM, Calif. – With star power at hand, the Council on American-Islamic Relation’s annual banquet and fund-raiser was off to a thrilling start. From first-ever Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, to LA County Sheriff Lee Baca and actor Carl Weathers, the packed ballroom inside the Anaheim Hilton hotel was bursting at the seams with members of the Muslim community, elected leaders and various interfaith groups who came to celebrate CAIR’s achievements.

Over 2,000 people attended the banquet, making it possibly the largest Muslim fundraiser in the nation.

The theme of this year’s event by CAIR’s Greater Los Angeles chapter was a call for a conversation to begin, a conversation spearheaded by various community leaders who spoke with a united voice, calling for peace and unity while denouncing racism, intolerance and stereotyping.

* There’s a sucker born every minute…

“There is great diversity in the Muslim community,” Baca said. “And CAIR is a leading voice in calling for tolerance, equality and unity.”

* against the kuffar, of course.

Read it all…

2 thoughts on “The Cheapness of US-Populism is Revolting”

  1. Recently I cannot help but notice the various and frequent overtures that muslims are making towards Japan. Is something in the making?

  2. I hope the Japanese are smart enough to shun the Koranists. Otherwise, another fine nation will be on its way to hell.

    Oprah is a disgrace and has been for a long time. If Obama fails she’ll eagerly embrace St. Clinton. A loony lefty is a loony lefty and that’s all that really counts for the Hollyweird crowd.

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