A Delusional Decider

* A real sucker for ya…


* He must be on something….

*   I’ll have what he’s having…! 

* Riyadh: President Bush called on our friends the Saudis and OPEC to increase oil production in order to bring prices down.

* The Saudis smiled for the cameras, and said, “No.”

* Saudi Arabia Rebuffs Bush on Oil Request
* The Kingdom Tells the President It Will Only Increase Production When Needed

* Our ‘friends’, the Sowdi’s however, made sure that the decider doesn’t get away without screwing him over:

Bush will face a frosty reception today during a visit to Saudi Arabia amid anger at America’s continued detention of the kingdom’s citizens at Guantanamo Bay.

* Take note: the terrorist scum in Gitmo are mere ‘citizens’- what kind of suckers are we?


* Meanwhile, in the good ol’ US of A:

Thanx to Weasel: here’s more

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4 thoughts on “A Delusional Decider”

  1. “The Saudis smiled for the cameras, and said, “No.””

    Good. When Iran, Russia and the Saudis keep prices high it makes alternatives more attractive. Chemistry, energy technology and bioengineering are progressing at an impressive rate. Higher oil prices lower the bar that other energies need to get over to be marketable and increases the investment in these technologies as well as more efficient industry technologies, oil exploration and recovery technologies.

    These regimes get addicted to the easy oil money (which is never enough) to buy off half their citizens to control the other half. When the supplies get low, and recovery becomes dependent on more technologies and a dwindling pool of expertise, things will get interesting.

    If they refuse to open the taps, they fund the demise of their system. If they open the taps, they sell off their future. Nice choice. Let the oil barons ship off their cash to Cuba and terrorist groups who attack their customers – we will remember that when they come looking for aid in a few decades. Let us see whether their citizens (real citizens not their funded and trained citizens in Gitmo) remember these funding decision when the money needed to fund religious police and other institutions of control is used up.

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