UK: Shop-owner grows a set off balls & bans hijab-mummenschantz


 Shop bans head scarves and hijabs
By Shuiab Khan

Shoppers wearing head scarves have been banned from a shop because the owner said they cannot be properly identified.

The ruling at Whitegate Wines off-licence and Convenience Store, Padiham Road, Padiham, includes those wearing the hijab – the traditional Muslim head wear.

A sign on the door states: ‘Due to CCTV coverage all headwear must be removed before entering the shop’.

Unlike the veil, where the only the eyes are visible – the full face of the hijab wearer is visible as the scarf simply covers the hair of the wearer.

Hijab-wearers are welcome in banks, through airport security and even the passport office accepts pictures of Muslim women with the hijab


* The hijab, or burka as we can see in this pic from the US, is convenient for robbing banks, shop-lifting and escaping to other countries after engaging in assassinations or terrorist attacks in the bilad-al-kuffr.


He said: “She returned empty-handed. I then went in with my wife and she was told she would not get served.

“First we tried to explain that unlike a hoodie or a hat, Muslim women wear the hijab for religious reasons.

“Then we tried to explain that if a bank accepts customers wearing a headscarf then shouldn’t that mean this shop should too?

“But the staff were having none of it.”

“I think they are simply taking the headwear rule to its extreme.”

Owner Tom White said security was the overriding concern.

“The police told us that a person is more identifiable if all the headgear is removed.

“So we have decided to implement the policy across the board so as not to favour anyone.

“I have also been told I am perfectly within my rights to do this.

“As you may understand shops such as ours are targeted by shoplifters and security is therefore a major concern for us.

“The policy has been in place for about a year and a half.

“In that that time shoplifting has gone down.”

When asked if any Hijab wearing women had committed any shoplifting in the past Mr White said, ‘No’.

Another customer added, “I know some people might say #What’s a Muslim doing going into an off-licence?’

But almost all shops and supermarkets everywhere sell alcohol. Should we stop going in them too?

“Many shops have security concerns but banning the hijab is not right at all.”

* Yes it is. It is entirely within our rights to ban anyone from entering our businesses we don’t feel comfy with. And the soldiers of Allah have no right to impose anything on us infidels. Capiche?

“I just think a little common sense should be used here, that’s all.”

7 thoughts on “UK: Shop-owner grows a set off balls & bans hijab-mummenschantz”

  1. :“Many shops have security concerns but banning the hijab is not right at all.”:

    Very well then, ban islam. Problem solved.

  2. This guy has gonads. I will guess he will be the target for muslims to riot, or loot his store.

  3. IFL

    Yes – Padiham is in Burnley. Very heavily muzbotted. Had severe rioting a few years back.

  4. * “But almost all shops and supermarkets everywhere sell alcohol. Should [muslims] stop going in them too?

    There’s a thought. After all, if cabbies can get their undies in a knot over unopened alcohol
    and guide dogs in their cabs, or if bible stories are “unclean”, or if a gift of ham can lead
    to the sack, or naming a teddy after a false prophet can result in death, or if muslim nurses
    & doctors refuse to wash hands in products containing alcohol … when muslims do not
    control the market, they take their chances and enter shops selling “haram” products, so
    the fuss about “religion” is all of their own making.

    * Sir Henry – Padiham is in Burnley. Very heavily muzbotted. Had severe rioting …

    Ah, I get it, a “vibrant multicultural hub”.

  5. This article can be found on “AsianImage” The Voice of the Asian Community …
    … about 5 articles from the top. The comments appear to be largely supportive of
    the shopowner.

    Quite a few articles of interest on that page, including the one beneath …

    ‘Empower local communities’ says MP
    4:29pm Tuesday 15th January 2008
    Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik has said terrorism cannot be defeated by security measures alone and announced a new volunteering scheme to be launched by his Department.
    [Mr Malik who is the British Minister for International Development was speaking at the Annual Forum of the Alliance of Civilisations in Madrid.

    He said: “Extremists take the ideas and beliefs of a peaceful religion and manipulate them to justify appalling acts of violence”.]

    Which “peaceful religion” did you have in mind, Shahid?

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