Amsterdam: Police station attacked

A group of Moroccans smashed up police cars and attacked a police station in Amsterdam. The youth caused a great deal of damage, but were not apprehended.

A group of several dozen youth attacked the police station in Slotervaart at the turn of the year. They smashed up three police cars, including one surveillance car and two civilian cars. Windows in the station were smashed as well.


The riot police was called in, but was not put into action. For the time being, the police has not apprehended anybody.

In October, Moroccan Bilal B (22) was shot dead by a police agent in the same police department after he attacked her and a colleague with a knife. For several weeks later there were riots in the neighborhood and various card set afire.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch) via Islam in Europe


Not to worry: mayor Cohen sez ‘more social workers can fix it’:

Amsterdam mayor says youth problem remains

(police station attacked, no arrests)

Radio Netherlands ^ | January 02 2008
by knighthawk

Amsterdam (2 January) – Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen says the authorities have failed in their dealings with problematic youths; so far there has been no decrease in violence. The mayor says co-ordination between the various social services leaves much to be desired.

Many low-income families have too many, for-the-most-part ineffective, social workers. Mr Cohen also pointed to the gap between the poorer neighbourhoods on the periphery of Amsterdam and the upscale canal zone in the centre.

* Yes: more social workers will fix the jihad. Who made this guy the mayor?

* Update from Klein Vezet:


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  1. * Many low-income families have too many, for-the-most-part ineffective, social workers.

    Another negative outcome factor? Islam wouldn’t be a factor, would it?
    Perhaps an effective police force might do better than ineffective social workers, if they try it.

  2. ten years and this is what will happen here in australia god
    help us as the dhimmi asses in parliament are more concerned
    with feeding from the riches trough and setting themselves up
    for life in rich consultancies post parliament than protecting the australian way of life and demoraph
    multiculturalism is a failed social experiment and will destroy democracies everywhere
    australlia is an unarmed vulnerble civilisation which will be invaded by islamic indonesia and overthrown by themin our lifetime or childrens…and our govts have crippledourmilitary into incapable of defending australia

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