UK: Madrassah's are now called 'Faith Schools'

* Unfortunately, some of these ‘faith schools’ are not up to scratch and damage social cohesion and widen existing divisions. Trouble is, there is actually no problem with ‘faith schools’ like Anglican, Catholic, Jewish or whatever, the problem, -you guessed it-, is with the adherents of the Muhammedan faith. But in politically correct Britain we must not discriminate, right?

“Unless there are crucial changes in the way many faith schools run we fear divisions in society will be exacerbated. In our increasingly multi-faith and secular society it is hard to see why our taxes should be used to fund schools which discriminate against the majority of children and potential staff because they are not of the same faith.


MPs to voice concerns over faith schools


Anthea Lipsett and agencies

MPs will next week raise serious concerns about the government’s faith schools programme.
The Commons children, schools and families select committee will grill the schools secretary, Ed Balls, at a meeting on January 9 about the government’s plans to allow local authorities to open as many faith schools as they want.

Members are concerned the plans will damage social cohesion and widen existing divisions.

The committee’s chairman, Barry Sheerman, said: “Faith schools are an important area of concern. This is something the government should look at in a focused way, rather than drifting into the proliferation of faith education.

“I am getting reports from people in local government who find it difficult to know what is going on in some faith schools – particularly Muslim schools.”

He said there was concern in local government about its ability to find out how well an important part of community was being served by its education provision.

“Will we find out that young people in certain kinds of faith school, and particularly young women, are not getting the provision or education that they deserve?”

* Indeed, that might be the result of your findings. But then what? What to do, what to do????



Excellent article from the Illustrated PIG: 


The Threat of Lawful Islamism

Islamists ultimately seek hegemonic control via a worldwide caliphate that applies the Islamic law in full. Afghanistan under the Taliban offers one model of what they would establish globally.

Terrorism is one method to advance these projects but it is not the only one. Indeed, the activities of nonviolent Islamists arguably will prove a more effective tactic in the long term. For while the public intuitively understands the threat of terrorism and is mobilized by it, and while states have well-developed institutions (law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the military, the justice system) to protect and fight against it, the activities of nonviolent extremists are not alarming and institutions do not exist to deal with this problem. And how can terrorists impose their will on whole societies?

* Read it all… 

The Progress of Lawful Islamism

2 thoughts on “UK: Madrassah's are now called 'Faith Schools'”

  1. It is about time they started to address the other tactics that muslims use to take over. Maybe there is a hole up there in the recesses of their butts that is allowing some to start thinking and acting.

    As for the muslims schools – this is why we have such a big problem. We keep lumping islam with religions. It is a political movement that uses religion as a front. When that realization happens then there will be some hope that this stupidity will stop. Would they have allowed Stalin, or Hitler, to come on in and open a school espousing their ideals? It is the same, exact thing with islam. The only difference is that mohammed put a god in the mix that made it more deadly and insidious.

  2. I notice how this “Faith” schools bullsh*t comes right on the heels of those complaining that Catholic Schools SHOULDN’T teach Christian values since maybe some of the pupils in attendence are NOT Catholic.

    I am really really really hoping that there is a method to OUR madness for putting up with this kind of stuff. Are we maybe giving these idiots enough rope to hang themselves? (not sure if that pun was intended or not, lol) It’s kind of like telling your teen ager to go ahead and jump off the bridge, but if they drown, they better not come crying to Momma.

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