Australia: Daughter 'threatened if she denounced Islam'

* ‘There is no compulsion in religion’ alert:

From Jeremy Pierce/NewsCom thanks to Warner

A GOLD Coast man threatened to kill his daughter and himself if she denounced Islam for Christianity, a court was told yesterday.

The Southport Magistrate’s Court heard accused murderer Kaihana Tahsseen Hussain told police her father had once threatened to kill her if she abandoned the Muslim faith.

Hussain has been charged with murdering her mother, Shaheda.

A forensic officer told Hussain’s committal hearing yesterday that police also told her the defendant had alleged that her mother had tried to strangle her during an argument three months before the October 2006 tragedy.

Anne-Louise Swain said the teenager’s injuries were consistent with her claims that her father Muhammad killed his wife and tried to kill her before turning the knife on himself.

However, Dr Swain could not say categorically whether the teenager’s injuries were sustained fending off an attack or from performing the attack.

Hussain is accused of her mother’s murder and the attempted murder of her father, allegedly over their opposition to her desire to change religions, just days after the family had moved to the Gold Coast.

Dr Swain said she examined Hussain on the night of October 9, observing injuries including scratches, bruises and bite marks on the then 17-year-old.

The girl, who was at that stage not being treated as a suspect in the killing, said her father had killed her mother, tried to strangle her and then slammed her fingers in a door as she tried to escape the murder scene.

She also had dried blood on her hands, but when Dr Swain removed it there were no injuries underneath.

Rodney Benson, a paramedic who treated Muhammad Hussain at the Smith St unit complex, said the former Bangladesh and Adelaide doctor asked police to arrest his daughter because “she stabbed me and my wife”.

The hearing continues today.

* Who do you believe? Him or his lying eyes…? 


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  1. One question: Would someone who has converted to Christianity (where murder is strictly forbidden), someone whose conversion has obviously happened in the face of extreme pressure exerted by the family, then break one of the central tenets of that faith? Hello?
    Does anybody line up the relationship to truth telling in Islam and compare it to the accepted standard of truthtelling expected of Christians?

  2. I really wish these barbarians would stay in or go to the ummah if they wish to indulge in their barbarities-most infidels are disgusted by this sort of wretched behavior. The fact that we’re now seeing this type of story on an almost daily basis increases that disgust level.

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