Australia: Labor will 'restore faith' in terror laws:

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In the land Downunder the judiciary, -like most of the public sector and the universities-, is heavily underwandered by far left wacko’s with their heads in ivory towers and their feet in mud. With a newly elected, ‘caring’ Labor government, Labor’s Attorney-General Robert McClelland will “change the tone” of the public discourse on terrorism to ‘rebuild bridges with marginalised Islamic communities.’


‘Marginalized Islamic Communities’ doing what they do best…


THE Howard government’s politicisation of national security has undermined the confidence of parts of the legal profession and the Muslim community in the fight against terror, Attorney-General Robert McClelland has warned.

Labor will “change the tone” of the public discourse on terrorism to rebuild bridges with marginalised Islamic communities, Mr McClelland said.

* Right. We’ll do it just like Jacqi Smith and the problem will be gone….

In an interview with The Weekend Australian yesterday, Mr McClelland said the Howard government’s often incendiary rhetoric on terrorism had provoked “judicial blowback” within the legal system, contributing to the failure of high-profile prosecutions such as former medical student Izhar Ul-Haque and Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef.

* Indeed. What we had under the Howard government was a highly politicized judiciary that not only failed to uphold the law, but sided with the nutroots to sabotage the government’s anti-terror laws. Howard failed to sack the bastards when he had the chance.

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Meanwhile, the soldiers of Allah came out with a new playbook:

Manual for Deflecting Attention Away From Islam After Terrorist Attacks…. 

How to cope with the dhimmi press & public:


Thanx to Mullah:

1. Make clear on whose behalf the statement is being issued.
2. Set out the Islamic perspective on acts of violence which results
in damage or loss of lives of innocent civilians and property.
3. Set out the local Muslim immediate response to the events e.g.
shock, sadness etc.
4. Set out that investigation has just commenced and ask for
media and public to await the outcome of the investigation once
it has been completed and not to rush to conclusions.
5. Set out that individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a
court of law.
6. Ask for understanding and co-operation by the media in not
adopting language that will stereotype the rest of the Muslim
community and spread fear and misunderstanding in the wider
7. Throughout your statement avoid the use of language such as
‘Islamic terrorists’, ‘Muslim terrorists’, ‘jihad’ etc but emphasise
that individuals have been arrested accused of criminal
activities and if found guilty will be sanctioned by the Criminal
Justice system of the country accordingly.

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  1. Unbelievable-doesn’t matter if a party is called Labor or Democrat they all sound EXACTLY the same. It’s simply amazing how leftist parties the whole world over say exactly the same thing.

    Unfortunately, it’s always the wrong thing, especially when it comes to Islamania.

  2. The hypocrites are always screaming “free speech” at the top of their lungs, but it just means free to slag off others. Nazi’s always talk about freedom, the half witted chimpanzee behind this blog is no different. The only difference is he is goose stepping on the other side of the fence this time, a poor man’s Goebbels for all to laugh at.

  3. infidelk9 * The above shiva is an impostor

    And “Gramfan” too – Sheik Y should know who the real ones are by our email addies. It is
    just someone cutting & pasting nonsense. In the time I have been reading / posting here,
    I’ve only ever seen one post deleted, & that was because it was blatantly antisemitic.

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