Muslim Group Trying to Stop Florida AG From Screening "Obsession" Movie….

* Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum sent an email to his employees requiring them to attend one of three screenings of a controversial video called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” in the State Senate Building. In the email, McCollum says the screening is intended to help employees “better understand the threat that we face as a nation and society.”


And now the Muhammedans are seething:

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* Ironic how they call “Obsession” propaganda, why don’t they take such a bold stance against jihadi propaganda? They could start with Nasrallah’s recent speech declaring Hezbollah had Israeli heads and body parts from dead soldiers….

* Uhh, how they hate the truth from coming out:

“Obsession”, a 60-minute tirade of cherry picked inflammatory statements from foreign individuals interspersed with “analysis” from controversial American figures including self-proclaimed terrorism expert Steve Emerson, has been widely discredited since its release in 2006.

* When? By whom?

By all accounts, Obsession is a piece of propaganda that cherry picks intolerant and offensive quotes from foreign individuals to paint all Muslims as part of a global jihad against the West. It is horrific in its demonization of a sizeable, respectable group of Americans. “Obsession” contributes directly to fear, mistrust and suspicion of Islam and Muslims – i.e. Islamophobia – in American society. Its particular brand of Islamophobia incites hysteria, hate mongering, and the alienation of the Muslim American community.

* “propaganda, cherry picks, offensive quotes from foreign individuals, horrific demonization of perfectly good Muslims” and of course, that magic word that worked so well in the past,’Islamophobia”- yeah, them Muhammedans sure know how to project and distract.

The grievance theater and the victimization tango never stops:

As Attorney General, McCollum is tasked with ensuring the rule of law in the State of Florida. It is concerning, then, that the very office that victims of hate crimes would turn to for legal aid and justice, is leading its employees to make decisions based upon bias and fear.

“For a public official to publicly endorse and subject his employees to such hateful and divisive messages from controversial sources is tainting the purpose of the Attorney General’s office,” said MPAC Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati. “All Americans have a moral responsibility to work diligently to replace fear and hate by justice and good will, and to hold those who do otherwise accountable to the consequences of their actions.”

See: them Muhammed worshippers sho know what’s good for us… 


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  1. Everything said above about this movie applies to Islamania-prolific hater of all things infidel.
    Funny how few people write THAT. Instead we see lots of propaganda such as “Islam is a peaceful religion”-this is propaganda that’s officially approved.

  2. They need to send a copy to Congress and the President – and require all newbees to watch it too.

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