Turkey Distroys 'Pig Farm'

* Turkish jihad against Christians & churches:

* historic monastery called ‘pig farm’ by Muslims, Christians yawn….

* Muslims call Christians & Jews ‘Sons of apes & swine…’

* The Pact of Umar puts an obligation on dhimmis not to “restore, by night or by day, any [places of worship] that have fallen into ruin”,[35] and Ibn Kathir adhered to this view.


Note the disinterested ‘neutral’ bias of the AP shill who wrote this report:


ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) – The Orthodox church says it’s a historic monastery, and the Turkish government describes it as old pig farm. A dispute over a dilapidated structure highlights tension over Turkey’s religious minorities, a key concern as the European Union considers membership for the Muslim-majority nation.

In November, forest ministry officials knocked down part of a building that the church said was a monastery on Heybeliada, an island in the Sea of Marmara off Istanbul. They said renovation there was illegal because it was taking place on government property.

* The dhimmi must not be allowed to restore churches in the dar-ul-Islam…

Now the ruins are the subject of a legal battle between the government and the Istanbul-based Orthodox Patriarchate, which has been hosting Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis during his trip to Turkey this week, the first by a Greek premier in almost five decades.

Greece has been an advocate of the Greek Orthodox minority in Turkey, though Greek opposition parties have blamed the government for not doing enough to support the dwindling community.

The row over the building underlines the unease of Turkey’s religious minorities. Many Turks view the demands of those minorities with suspicion, fearing they could undermine national unity in an echo of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.
Rights groups claim ultranationalists, often with the tacit approval of state officials, bully anyone pushing for minority rights into silence through court actions, threats and even violence. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his government will not tolerate ethnic nationalism or discrimination.

The jihad is permanent and relentless:

* Erdogan is a rabid Muhammedan. His statement is all bullshit, as we all know. It took the Turks 500 years to wipe out all its Christian, Jewish and other religious minorities. Turkey is now 99% Islamic. That’s the reality.



Happy Israel hating day, a day of Muhammedan rage: 

Death to Israel, death to the Jooozzz, death to Amerikee… 

Feel the Islamic ‘love’  in Iran:


Demonstrators burn an Israeli flag during a rally in Tehran January 25, 2008, to show their support for the people of Gaza. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi (IRAN) 


Lots more here… 


6 thoughts on “Turkey Distroys 'Pig Farm'”

  1. * Erdogan is a rabid Muhammedan.

    And one of the prime movers of the “Alliance of Civilizations”, committed to creating
    a “just and fair global order”. So chumpy, you can carve it, & the UN eats it all up.

  2. Funny-in the ummah, churches fall apart all over the place while in the infidel world more and more mosques spring up like mushrooms. And not only that-it’s as if each new mosque has to top the previous one in size. If that super mosque ever gets built in London it will be well maintained-and probably at government expense-for all eternity.

  3. IFL, the mosques & supermosques in Europe might not spring up so fast, if the
    newly-announced “far right” pan-European patriotic party succeeds in countering
    Islamisation … screams of Islamophobia, racism, cultural insensitivity etc in
    about 10 milliseconds – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7210036.stm

    Islam – A dog turd on the front lawn of life.

  4. I hope you’re right Mullah L because Europe needs to wake up from the nightmare that is Islamania before there will be nothing but mosques from one end of the continent to the other.

  5. IFL, have you ever had a dream where you “wake up”, but you’re still dreaming, & it
    takes a while to work out which is the dream, & which is reality?

    When Europe wakes up from the nightmare of Islamania, it will still be dreaming, and
    sleepwalking straight into a bigger delusion … Islam is not the only Bad Wolf prowling
    around seeking to devour the three little pigs. Incidentally, someone appears to be
    posting in here using other people’s handles, so if a post doesn’t look genuine, it
    probably is an imposter at work.

  6. * Demonstrators burn an Israeli flag during a rally in Tehran

    While threatening Israel (& the West) with destruction, Ahmadinejad pushes the Bush line
    that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are manifestations of the same Divine Truth. and
    calls for “global government” with all nations under the same set of (“divine”) laws.
    He is setting the stage for a false christ / moshiach / mahdi to appear and rule the
    “perfected” (deluded) world.

    * Global government, mankind’s gravest need – Ahmadinejad

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