Emina Bozkurt, Muhammadan Agent in the EU Parliament, Whines about "Discrimination and Islamophobia"

* EUrabia on the way: the EU parliament is heavily infiltrated with Muhammedan agents. Although numbers of Muslims in the EU at present are said not to exceed 30 million (which would be 10% out of a population of 300 + million) the numbers of Islamic agents in the EU parliament are somewhere around 20%. These agents of influence are manipulating the interests of the union in favor of the Islamic agenda. One of them is the Turkish Euro-parliamentarian Emina Bozkurt working tirelessly for the accession of Turkey to the EU.


“Enmity and hatred will reign between us until ye believe in Allah alone.” (Qur’an 60:4) 

Bozkurt whines about “Discrimination and Islamophobia”, tells us that its all about multiculti-diversity, and that its all our fault that the Islamo-Socialist Utopia is not reality yet:

Muslims have been a part of Europe´s history. Muslims did not all arrive yesterday, and not all of them are migrants. Muslims and Islam have been part of Europe’s cultural heritage for ages. Just look at Andalusia in Spain, at the Balkans in Bosnia, Bulgaria or Greece. But Muslims are not just part of the past, they will also be a part of Europe´s future.

* You see: Muslims have always been here, they’re here to stay, they have a mandate from Allah, they have rights and these rights must be defended against the irritated natives whose existence is oppressive to Muslims, who will dominate in the way of Allah, regardless…

Therefore, let´s first of all focus on the importance of social inclusion. It is important to include muslims so that everyone can claim responsibility for the future of Europe. This is why EU member states but also the European institutions should help muslims to integrate in our societies. Not by forcing everyone to give up their culture or religion, not by telling muslims they have to burn half of the quran, as has been suggested by populists in The Netherlands, but by helping muslims find their way to education, by training and helping them organize not only at the political level, but also in trade unions, in the media, in local city councils and in NGOs. Muslims should be encouraged to speak out for their rights.

* There you go: its all about Muslim ‘rights’. The natural ‘rights’ of Muslims to subvert, to infiltrate and to pervert the respective host country by any means to make Islam the dominant ‘religion’.

Member States are to encourage Muslim communities not to rely on external Imams, but focus instead on enhanced training of domestic Imams. Condemned by some as interference in freedom of religion, these actions are praised by others as the key to integration of muslims. My personal view is, that to refer to ´moderate islam´ implies that islam is in itself not moderate or even radical. That helps fundamentalists who claim that their interpretation of islam is the one and only form of ´pure´ islam.

* Got it, Emina: we must not criticize the RoP, that would make us ‘Islamophobic’, which in turn creates terrorists. Got it!

* Emina goes on to lecture us that all critique on Islam and the soldiers of Allah is essentially hate speech and must be eradicated. Totally.

After all: “Europe is not a club for Christians only”.

* For Emina, like so many other Muhammadan agents, its all about Islam, because nothing else matters.

* Here’s what Bozkurt really wants: UN Gag Order

Read it if you must

* Is Turkey a Muhammadan Club?

* Christans, attacked, murdered in ‘secular’ Turkey


Pulling the Islamic wool over infidel eyes and ears


Brussels, 10 Jan. (AKI) – More than 400 Muslim groups on Thursday signed a ‘charter of values’ at the European Parliament pledging tolerance and respect for the laws of the countries in which they live.

* From the ‘War is Deceit’ Department:

“The charter amounts to a code of good conduct for Muslims in Europe which commits them to taking part in building a united society,” said European Parliament vice-president Mario Mauro.

“It pledges Muslims to helping create harmony and well-being in our societies and to fully playing the role of citizens in upholding justice, equal rights and respect for difference.”

Mauro is an Italian politician from the conservative Forza Italia party of former premier Silvio Berlusconi and in his role as deputy European Parliament president is tasked with handling relations with churches and religious communities.

“The charter gives a great boost to strengthening intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. And it reinforces Muslims’ duty to respect non-Muslims,” said Mauro.

* Ya think?

The document was prepared by the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe and endorsed by the groups in Brussels.

Traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks were cancelled in Brussels and the government increased security and patrols of the city’s airport, transport systems and commercial centres after police said they had uncovered a plot to free jailed Tunisian al-Qaeda suspect Nizar Trabelsi.

Trabelsi is serving a 10-year prison sentence for plotting to blow up an airbase in Belgium used by US personnel.

A Belgian appeals court last year upheld a ban on an anti-Islam protest planned for 11 September in Brussels, six years after al-Qaeda’s terror attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001.

An alliance of anti-Muslim European groups in Denmark, Britain and Germany organised the planned protest, they said to commemorate the victims of 9/11.

* Here you can read about how Muhammedans value treaties with infidels

* Cult(-ure) of Deception


4 thoughts on “Emina Bozkurt, Muhammadan Agent in the EU Parliament, Whines about "Discrimination and Islamophobia"”

  1. [Emina Bozkurt]

    … In general in European societies you rarely see that ‘European’ and ‘muslim’ are mentioned in one sentence. There are Turkish muslims, Somali muslims, Moroccan muslims, Indian muslims, Dutch muslims, etc. …

    She is probably right. I rarely see muslim, Australian, Christian, Jew, Buddhist etc mentioned
    in the same sentence … it is routinely “muslim and non-muslim”, reinforced by Islamic attire
    and attitudes. Iron won’t alloy with clay, Emina, and God’s patience with Islam (and the EU)
    will run out.

  2. * “It pledges Muslims to helping create harmony and well-being in our societies …

    Someone’s been puffing on the caterpillar’s hookah

    One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the ones that Allah gives you
    Don’t do anything at all
    Go ask Aisha
    When she’s six years old

  3. Muslims have always been a part of Europe’s history? True enough-they killed plenty of Europeans in those wonderful days of Koranic conquest. This entitles Turkey to be in the EU?
    Well, the Nazis also were a part of Europe’s history-does this mean a new Nazi Germany should be created and placed in the EU too? Yet more illogic from Koranists and their idiotic henchmen.

  4. How can you tell when a Mohammedan is performing Taqqiya?

    When they speak with an infidel.

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