AN “overwhelming majority” of Europeans believe immigration from Islamic countries is a threat to their traditional way of life, a survey revealed last night.


* Proudly bombing London for sharia

* Sunday Express

The poll, carried out across 21 countries, found “widespread anti-immigration sentiment”, but warned Europe’s Muslim population will treble in the next 17 years.

It reported “a severe deficit of trust is found between the Western and Muslim communities”, with most people wanting less interaction with the Muslim world.

Last night an MP warned it showed that political leaders in Britain who preach the benefits of unlimited immigration were dangerously out of touch with the public.

The study, whose authors include the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, was commissioned for leaders at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

It reports “a growing fear among Europeans of a perceived Islamic threat to their cultural identities, driven in part by immigration from predominantly Muslim nations”.

* One Muslim shill is unimpressed:

But leading Muslim academic Haleh Afshar, of York University, blamed media “hysteria” for the findings. She said: “There is an absence of trust towards Muslims, but to my mind that is very much driven by an uninformed media.

* Right. Red Ken Livingston is about to fix that (if we let him!)

* Once again we see the unholy alliance of socialism and Islam:

Red Ken calls for Muhammedan censors in British media


* Red Ken is eagerly looking forward to another visit by sheikh Quaradwi


On 13 November, London mayor Ken Livingstone launched The Search for Common Ground, a study commissioned by him that looks at the portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the national media.

The report recommends that news organisations employ more Muslims (along with other minorities) so their workforces are more representative of the society and the world on which they report; that news concerning Islam and Muslims should – like all news – be accurate; and that when reporting on sensitive and difficult subjects, such as those involving members of Britain’s minority communities, those working within news organisations should at least reflect on the possible consequences of their actions.

* which means rather not report anything at all…

Not a great deal to ask, one might think.

* Just what we need: ‘accurate reporting’ from Muslims. Think they might get along with the commies that have entrenched themselves so well in the MSM?



Muhammedanism finds another whore to promote the cause: 

In defence of the right to offend

It took the Holocaust for western Christiandom to realise the gruesome potential of its deep ani-semitism. Now even questioning any aspect of the Holocaust is criminalised in most of Europe. The Spanish Inquisition had already laid te foundations of this tragedy and lessons were not learnt. We do not have to wait for a “Holocaust” of Muslims in Europe before a “liberal” Judaeo-Christian west realises that Islamophobia and associated hate speak needs to be curtailed if freedom itself is to be protected.

* Muslims are not Jews. Muslims want to annihilate Israel and Jews and they’re telling us that every day. Now this prick wants us to shut up and buy his drivel?


  1. It sure would be nice if politicians would actually listen to their people. Instead, they do whatever they want and always take the path of least resistance, especially when dealing with Islamania.

  2. * immigration from Islamic countries is a threat

    I was looking for something else, & came across the sickly-sweet Salaam site, and
    the demographics charts for UK and London – “white” about 4%, Bangladeshi / Pakistani /
    Indian etc 69% –

    Salaam keeps a database of arrests – I’m not sure that the Uniting Church, Anglican,
    Catholic etc would keep a similar database, except perhaps of people arrested in the
    “peaceful” lands.

    Database of arrests – inventory updates:

    Have you, or somebody you know, been arrested recently? Notify

    # Chessington man – charges dropped – 18th Jan 2008
    # Sohail Qureshi arrest update- 8th Jan 2008
    # Cerrie Bullivent acquited – updated 14th Dec 2007
    # London arrests – ‘deal’ alleged – updated 11th Dec 2007
    # Samina Malik sentence – updated 6th December November 2007
    # Chinese halal arrests – comic jihadi – updated 5th Dec 2007
    # More on Abu Hamza, 29th November 2007

  3. * The report recommends that news organisations employ more Muslims …

    … to generate unbiassed “news” like this gem on the Salaam site?

    Terror bill could put off Muslim informers, consultation finds
    Friday 25th January 2008
    The wannabe British Likudnic neocon inspired “terrorism” measures are sure to kill any residual “hearts and minds” rapport with the UK’s Muslim community. Thought control for UK Muslims is slowly creeping into the British legal system and body politic.

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    Now I need to find out what the judge’s joke was. 🙂

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