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Pali Terror Chief Kicks Bucket, PA Mourns


George Habash

* Commie scum/Islamofascist alliance

Long-time leader of Marxist group considered fierce opponent of compromise with Israel

Roee Nahmias/Israel News

Terror career over: George Habash, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, died Saturday evening at his home in Amman, a senior Jordanian official said. Habash was 82-years-old.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas declared three days of mourning in the wake of Habash’s death. The PA chairman also ordered Palestinian flags to be brought down to half mast and mourners to be received at the presidential office in Ramallah.

Habash was born in Lod to Greek Orthodox parents and became a refugee in the wake of the 1948 war. He was a medical student at The American University of Beirut, and was among the founders of the Arab Nationalist Movement in the 1950s.

Survived several assassination attempts…

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UK: ‘I can buy the law’ sez Sheikh Maher al-Tajir

* Sorry, no image available of the creep…

* Well, the Arabs have just about bought everything worth buying in the UK, so why not the law? How much are those bloody wigs anyhow?

David Lister, Scotland Correspondent of The Times

A billionaire Arab sheikh said that British law worked on “money not justice”, and vowed to “stitch up” an employee who dared to challenge him, an employment tribunal was told yesterday.

Sheikh Maher al-Tajir, whose family owns 24,000 acres (9,700ha) of land in Perthshire and the Highland Spring bottled water company, is alleged to have told Chris Mulqueeney that he had enough money to buy anything he wanted in Britain, including the police and the justiciary.

When the former head gamekeeper said that Britain wasn’t like that, the sheikh is said to have replied: “You’re so patriotic. Hasn’t anyone told you that the law of this great land works on money, not justice, and I’ve got enough money to buy any of them? The police, the justiciary — all have their price in this country.”

The claims came as Mr Mulqueeney, 48, who worked as Mr al-Tajir’s head gamekeeper after moving his family from Kent to Scotland in 2001, told an employment tribunal in Edinburgh that the sheikh launched a two-hour verbal assault on him during a meeting in September 2004.



Was Al-Qaeda Behind Beirut Bombing?

* Al Qaeda, Al Schmaeda: what does it matter? All of it is the same Islamic jihad, all of them want our demise and the destruction of civilization as we know it.



As a top Lebanese police investigator into a spate of bomb attacks as well as the activities of al-Qaeda-inspired groups in the country, Captain Wissam Eid had no shortage of potential enemies. One of those foes got to Eid Friday morning, killing him and at least three other people in a powerful car bomb explosion, nearly identical to the attacks he had been investigating.

“We got the message but we will carry on our mission in protecting Lebanon,” said Brigadier General Ashraf Rifi, the head of Lebanon’s paramilitary Internal Security Forces, at the scene of the attack. The 31-year-old Eid ran the technical department of the ISF’s intelligence branch and was a communications specialist.

So who killed Eid? Neighboring Syria seeking to re-impose its grip on Lebanon? Al-Qaeda-related groups attempting to destabilize Lebanon? A combination of the two perhaps?

The explosion below an overpass in an eastern suburb of Beirut turned Eid’s car into a tangled wreck of fire-blackened metal, destroyed or damaged at least 20 other vehicles, shattered glass in a nearby office building and sent a plume of dark smoke into the sky from burning vehicles. Soldiers sealed off the area as fire engines and ambulances raced to the scene of the blast.



Euro-wimps chicken out on head-scarves


The European Parliament doesn’t want Europe to ban girls in elementary schools or wearing a headscarf or veil. The rules differ in the 27 EU countries such that it’s better not to impose compulsory European rules, according to a majority of the parliament.

France has very strict rules, for example, Great Britain doesn’t. The headscarf debate is already emotional enough nationally, that it shouldn’t be decided once and for all in Strasbourg, according to a satisfied Jules Maaten, European parlamentarian.

* Here’s a whining Muslim site deploring the Euro-‘intolerance’


‘What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?’

“American woman” kidnapped in Afghanistan

* Heaven knows why a western female would hang out in a place like Afghanistan, especially after the Korean hostage drama that left several dead and the Taliban with a ransom of tens of millions of dollars…

By NOOR KHAN, Associated Press Writer


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Gunmen kidnapped a burqa-clad American aid worker and her driver while they were traveling through southern Afghanistan early Saturday, a provincial governor said.

The two were stopped by gunmen outside the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, said Gov. Asadullah Khalid. He blamed the kidnappings on the “enemy of Islam and the enemy of Afghanistan.”

Several Westerners — including two German construction workers and two Italian journalists — have been kidnapped in Afghanistan in the last year, but this was the first kidnapping of an American in recent memory.

Traveling around Kandahar city has turned increasingly dangerous in the last year, as the Taliban insurgency has spread throughout southern Afghanistan. Western civilians who operate there often travel with armed guards and with extreme caution. The area is rife with Taliban militants but also with criminals linked to the country’s booming opium poppy trade.

Khalid said the 49-year-old American was wearing a burqa when she was taken. She worked for the aid agency Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, he said.

The U.S. Embassy said it had no immediate information.



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…and don’t you eat that MSM crow!

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