10 thoughts on “Geert Wilders on Fox”

  1. You go, Geert!

    The interviewer is clueless – what a dhimmi.
    I wonder which television stations, if any, will have the balls to show the movie. The interviewer seems to suggest it shouldn’t be released because it will cause riots etc., “fanning the flames”. Geert is right, the reactions by muslims so far and the potential riots etc. just prove his point.

  2. The interviewer is Greg Palkot. Greg put Geert in a spot time and again. Greg deliberately interrupted Geert time and again to intimidate Geert verbally. The question about “you just offended 1,5 billion” clearly is ment to intimidate Geert. Geert, astute as he is, handled this hostility with grace and dignity. However, Greg’s hostility is not “clueless”.

  3. Greg Palkot is a liberal panty waste. I think that he probably sleeps with Rosie O’Doughnut and has casual affairs with sean Penn and Danny Glover. Hey Palkot, more than 50% of those 1.5 billion muslims would be in some other religion if they had the choice. Many muslims don’t like islam one damn bit because it is forced down their throats.

  4. The likes of Palkot don’t recognize that 1400 years of endless jihad has the effect of insulting 3+billion non-muslims around the globe and a very small brave minority are finally willing to step up and say “ENOUGH”!

  5. I have a long line of Dutch in my ancestory and I am proud to be one after listening to this guy. Also Theo Van Gogh died trying to get a movie out about the plight of muslim women – who mostly do nothing for themselves and the ones in a free country such as Europe, or the USA, we see them just spouting pro-islamic crud – probably right after they just saw their daughters clitoris sliced up while ulalating around her to drown out her screams of pain.

    This is a good video.

  6. I’m glad to have posted these on YouTube and linked to your website. My forefathers are from Holland and I don’t want it to go the way of the 7th century Islamic throwbacks. I have some other videos posted at YouTube, “Jihad against the West: Europe (7 part series). Very, very informative.

    I love this site! Keep up the good work my fellow ‘infidels’.

  7. http://kleinverzet.blogspot.com/2008/01/preview-geert-wilders-his-koran-movie.html

    Geert Wilders told newspaper Telegraaf some details about his movie.
    “The movie is not just about the Koran but also happens inside the Koran. The edges of the book remain visible all the time. Inside these edges will be shown images of what the Koran verses prescribe.” says Geert Wilders.

    The openings shot of the movie (see picture above) shows on the left side a Koran and on the right the text; “Warning: this book contains shocking images”. “This Koran”, Wilders told the news paper, “I bought on a recent trip to Israel in East Jerusalem”.

    After the opening shot, Wilders explains, the book opens. The viewer will be shown images from different sources. A beheading in Iraq, a stoning in Iran or an execution in Saudi Arabia under the sharia law. “Who thinks that’s shocking, shouldn’t blame me, but the people who perpetrated such things”

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