Ayaan Ali Hirsi: what she really said

* While the MSM has been telling us that Ayaan ‘warned’ against screening Geert Wilders unseen 10- minute flick on Islam she comes out saying what we always knew she would say. This lady is consistent:


Islam is Peace:  When Geert Wilders is dead 

The ‘tiny minority of extremists’ wants Geert Wilders dead. Islamofascist mental midgets  made this vicious, racist, sick and threatening video… 


Anti-Islamic equals ‘Far Right’ in EUrabia

* But not only in EUrabia, is Australia/Canada/US any better?

Al Bebeeceera reports:

thanks to Mullah:

EU far-right groups to form party

Far-right political leaders from four EU nations have unveiled plans to form a pan-European “patriotic” party.


The four leaders said they already were in talks with other EU parties

The heads of far-right parties from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and France said their aim was to defend Europe against “Islamisation” and immigrants.

At a news conference in Vienna, they said they expected to launch the party by 15 November.

The move comes several months after the collapse of a far-right bloc in the European Parliament.

The Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty (ITS) bloc disbanded itself in November after a row between its Italian and Romanian members over race.


In Vienna, the heads of Austria’s Freedom Party, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, Bulgaria’s Ataka and the French National Front said the new party would be a counter-balance to other political forces in Europe.

“We say: Patriots of all the countries of Europe, unite! Because only together will we solve our problems,” Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache said.

“Irresponsible mass immigration to Europe from outside Europe due to irresponsible politicians… is the problem,” he said.

Asked about the chances of success of the new party, French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was also present in Vienna, said: “It’s not necessary to hope in order to try.”

The far-right leaders need support from seven EU parties to launch the group, but Mr Strache said that the goal was to have “more than 10 parties as members and ideally one party from each EU country”.

The new party has no name yet, but Mr Strache said European Patriotic Party or European Freedom Party were working titles.

The plan for the new party drew a rebuke from Austria’s governing Social Democrats far left wankers who said the proposed political force was absurd and contradictory.

* How many times did you count the ‘far-right’ smear in this article? The left really, really sux….


And the ‘Lizards’ are still stuck on stoopid:

“Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty” is all bad for the enlightened wankers around the bycicle riding lizard king; symbols are what makes a Nazi, here we go again:

Vlaams Belang, Front National, and Attaka

* But even his echochamber of sycophants is not buying this s#*t anymore. When he started his morally superior smear campaign the lizard king used to get over 1000 comments, note how they dropped off! Get a life mate…!

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5 thoughts on “Ayaan Ali Hirsi: what she really said”

  1. I’m almost surprised that the media doesn’t call the “far right” Nazis-I can picture most reporters biting their tongues not to say the N word. No doubt they think this is being fair in their reporting.

  2. I’m not sure if there is a ROP connection with this story, but Dr Zhongjun Cao has died in
    hospital after being attacked in Footscray by what most reports describe as “up to seven males”. Not exactly the Australian way to hunt in packs, and sure enough, the Herald Sun
    reports “His attackers have been described as being of different ethnic appearances.”

    Middle Eastern? Sudanese? The VicPol isn’t giving much away.

  3. I can’t figure out how the mainstream media got so completely populated by liberal nutcases. And why in the hell are they trying so hard to protect the islamonazis? Don’t they know that if islam were to be able to take over the country that the journalists would be among the first to be persecuted? Are the mainstream media blind to what has gone on in Iran ever since Carter helped usher in the islamic regime? Does the maintsteam media even care about truth anymore? Hell, even Shawn Hannity won’t tackle fascistic islam. Pitiful.

  4. Oh, and I have quit going to LGFs web log. that Charles guy is way to limp-brained. He is one of these that loves talking and reporting, but who never promotes action. I think that he is probably at heart a coward.

  5. Seems to me they are mainly closet muslims, the late great Enoch Powell warned of ‘ the enemy within ‘ 40 years ago.

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