Krauts most popular in Afghanistan!


* That was then…

Please take a stop by Afghanistanica.Com where the unknown PHD student (he should wear a bag over his head on his about page,) outlines a new poll. It turns out that in Afghanistan the US is more popular than Osama Bin Laden, but Afghans like the Germans better than us even after the sensationalized skull incident.

Germany 71%

* Doctor Evil just phoned in and said the reason the Germans are so popular in Afghansitan is that they are the biggest consumers of hashish on the scene, and they don’t bargain… 

United States 65%

Iran 52%

Great Britain 49%

Pakistan 19%

Taliban 13%

Osama bin Laden 9%

* Hey: what happened to the Aussies?


…and this is now:



US Military report sux just like the MSM: Slams Geert Wilders for Making Anti-Islam Film….

Stirring the Hate

* No doubt the correct answer to the wanker who wrote this should be: “lets just lie down and die”- if you think its us ‘stirring hate’ for pointing the finger at what Muhammedans do, then get the f*kc out of reporting and into Pallywood-movie productions, you jerk!

Read it if you must:


4 thoughts on “Krauts most popular in Afghanistan!”

  1. Obviously, the Afghans like the Germans best because after seeing them play with a skull they must feel some sort of bond based on ghoulishness. Either that or they just got the news about the Holocaust and believe it really happened (unlike their dopey Iranian neighbors).

  2. Article about Geert and Dutch ovens and Muslims…in english and dutch

    Geert Wilders Nv. Inaugerating energie efficiënte ovens voor moslims. De oudere nazi modelleert niet milieu vriendelijk! Nieuwe modellen hebben een afzonderlijk compartiment voor het verbranden van boeken. Interview met Herr Reltih Nederlands

    De Nationale Assiociation van Ze-Oven Internationational- (de Nederland Divisie) is gegaan door een slechte periode van economische depressie sinds 1945, maar de nieuwe Rerhuf van de organisatie Herr Reltih wordt heel door de nieuwe gelegenheden opgewekt dat Dhr. Wilders onderneming de organisatie aanbiedt. Herr Nederlandse Reltih ontkende dat hij Oostenrijks of Duits was. Hij toonde aan de reporters ….

    In Dutch and English

    Read all about it in Dutch and English on

    In English only

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