Our friends the Sowdi's

* From Arab News: The English language mouthpiece of the religious apartheid kingdom, our oil-slick friends have let their guard down a little bit and showed us what they really think about the White House:


…and about us:


...and about the Jooozzz:


5 thoughts on “Our friends the Sowdi's”

  1. Hmmm… Cartoons have unintended consequences!

    Picture in your mind what we now think of as the entire Muslim world.

    Not that there is even the slightest bit of evidence that Jews in Israel or elsewhere are working toward such a goal, but think about it:

    What would that part of the world look like if it actually WERE under Jewish rule?

    I would call that a major improvement – and I’m not even Jewish!


  2. Good thing they are friends with the US. Imagine the cartoons otherwise. It would be enough to riot over or something!

  3. Well, the Jews have their own problems. They are indeed an intelligent peoples, but we also see many on the left and who actually appease muslims more so than many others. We see also jewish types like George Soros, bent on the destruction of a Republic like ours who is the biggest donors of charity around this globe. Secularists are not known for their charity – look at the likes of Russia, China, Hussein’s Iraq, etc. Now Chavez made mention of it, but he is more than willing to do what it takes to win and subjugate his people too – censorship, taking the press down, etc. (gee, remember what the Democrats have been trying to do to conservative talk radio!? – same thing – censorship, also many colleges are doing the same, they have muslims editing news papers so the Christians get bashed and their brand of trash gets spread.)

    Oh well, what I am trying to say is that Jews in charge brought about hollyweird, the left wing media, Soros, etc. I don’t like that. So, I don’t think that Jews in charge know really what to do. They do not have a good history of being in charge either if you read the Bible, and also studying history the reason they are probably very smart is that they were forced to use their brains since even the Europeans did not allow them to own land for centuries.

  4. Oh, I should mention that if I had a choice between muslims in charge, or Jews in charge, I would definitely chose the Jews in charge. We see that the Jews would let them live, and us live, and even help them out while the opposite is not true. islam creates stupid people. The koran does not have science, math, history, the language of the people, etc. It only has fairy tales – very, bad fairy tales.

  5. I guess I am not done saying what I need to say about Jews. What we have is a weird phenomenon – we have muslims hades bent on killing Jews, but we see so many of them on our left in politics and in the democrat party which is a complete oxymoron as far as logic goes. It is like they are hades bent on helping their own get killed (but we see that in the Catholic religion too – a bunch of clergy and ‘scholars’ hades bent on appeasing muslims while their own die at the hands of muslims and they have no intention of ‘knowing their enemy’ to stop their appeasement, but I digress).

    I don’t understand this chosen ignorance of so many Jews, but we also see it in their current leader. We saw it in the last leadership too – or else why so many attempts at peace if they knew that the koran and muslims have no intention of peace?!

    I think the Jews are intelligent, don’t get me wrong. But they are not intelligent in some other areas that involves saving their own skins, or others in the same trenches as they are – just like some Christians (of which the Catholics are the largest group, but there are others too).

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