Oxford clergyman attacks Muslim plans for calls to prayer

* “I’m no Dhimmi”– sez Rev Charlie Cleverley, in defiance of the Bishop of Oxford, the Right Rev John Pritchard, who has backed the plans.


Stop Mosquing Around!

The clergyman who runs one of Oxford’s largest and most successful churches has attacked Muslim plans to begin calls to prayer from the city’s Central Mosque.

The Rev Charlie Cleverley, Rector of St Aldate’s, a thriving charismatic evangelical church in the heart of Oxford, claims non-Muslim residents will be driven away by the thrice-daily calls to prayer over the eastern part of the city.

In coming out against the proposals, Mr Cleverley, who previously worked at a church in a Muslim area of Paris, is going against the views of his own bishop.


*  Proposed  Oxford Mosque: Another symbol of Islamic conquest in the bilad-al Kufr, behind enemy lines, in the heartlands of the unsuspecting  infidels…

Times Online


More Resistance against Mosques in the U.S.

A Baptist church in Ohio is being accused of religious intolerance for allegedly thwarting a plan to build a mosque on nearby property.

The board of zoning appeals in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, insists its 5-0 vote against a variance request that would have permitted the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton to build the mosque was not influenced by the local First Baptist Church. The rejection, officials say, was based only on the expected sewage and traffic impact, the Dayton Daily News reported.

* Whatever it takes…

But the senior pastor of the 1,900-member church, Barry Jude, has made his opposition to the mosque clear.

“We just feel that Christianity is right and that Islam is wrong,” Jude told the Daily News. “Therefore, we take a stand to see (a mosque) not in our community. The wonderful thing about our American culture is that you have the right to speak out against something you don’t support.”

The paper says the issue “has touched on larger questions: Does the presence of a mosque locally evoke feelings of fear or even hatred? Are church officials saying out loud what a lot of people are thinking privately?”



5 thoughts on “Oxford clergyman attacks Muslim plans for calls to prayer”

  1. “I’m no Dhimmi”- sez Rev Charlie Cleverley,”

    Obviously much more clever(ly) than the Archbishop!

  2. These individuals deserve our respect against great odds. Their higher clergy is just like many of the higher clergy in many denominations. They are disgustingly stupid in their chosen ignorance and are putting their own at future risk of death because this is only the beginning of the problems they will have when islam gets thier foothold into our societies.

    We in the USA are also seeing a growth of mosques and the next step will be the calls to prayers from these atrocious buildings. We have yet to see what will happen. In part(s) of Michigan (I want to say Dearborn) the residents let the call to prayers happen – it shows our own haven’t stepped up totally yet. I read that a couple of years ago somewhere where the citizens of a city in Michigan are letting the muslims do their call to prayers.

    I wonder if the Brits have muslim history (5 tenets of islam, etc) in their history books?!

  3. * claims non-Muslim residents will be driven away by the thrice-daily calls to prayer

    And according to the SVU (Special Victimhood Unit), muslims are “born into” an
    “involuntary identity” and are being let down by Britain’s “race law” … welcome to
    the Hotel al-Sharia … you can check out any time … but you can never leave.

    In effect, muslims are born into an inferior “race” that causes them to live like 13th
    century primitives, carving up their girls, killing for “honor” and jihad in the name of
    the false god that holds them in “involuntary identity”, and need legislation to stop
    them being “disadvantaged by others’ views”.

    Rather than tackle the inferior “involuntary identity” islam “race”, the UK will target
    people who are (were) free of “involuntary identity”, such as Charlie Cleverley.

    * Muslims ‘let down by race law’

    ISLAM – Involuntary Slaves Living in Allah’s Misery?

  4. Good. Let more people question why all these mosques need to be built. For a community supposedly terrorized by infidels since 9/11 it sure isn’t wasting any time building mosques all over the world.

  5. Building mosques and insisting on ‘calls to prayers’ is only the start of their ‘takeover.’

    For a list of “Islamic Groups Infesting England, Transforming Great Britain” visit:


    The list seems endless. It has probably increased greatly since I first saw the list 2 or 3 years ago. It is horrifying.

    One of the groups listed – get this – “Human Rights Society of Pakistan, London”

    Human Rights in PAKISTAN” in London???!!!

    It will happen here in Australia, and in America, if people are not vigilant.

    The rest of this website is worth a visit, too.

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