Poverty Causes Terrorism Update: UK Muslim dentist jailed for planning jihad attacks on UK troops in Afganistan

“Pray that I kill many”

* Penniless well-paid professional, lacking any marketable skills whatsoever, in this case a dental assistant, turns in desperation to jihad.


Qureshi parades with an AK47. He was arrested boarding the plane to Pakistan with nearly £9,000 in cash, a night sight, and military information stored on computer discs


* “British Muslim dentist jailed for planning Al Qaeda attacks on UK troops in Afghanistan,” from the Daily Mail


Qureshi & Samina Malik, the airport worker who was assisting him with information about airport security. Samina is also known as ‘the lyrical terrorist’ because she wrote beheading poetry when she was not spying for AQ.

The terrorist and the shop girl 

“Akhi – Sorry for the late reply. The airport security is still as tight as ever – even more now though.” 

UK: Islamist convicted

* Samina got away without doing jail time, the dhimmi-judiciary of Britain put her on good behavior, which prompted the comical Mr. Bean look-alike from the MCB, Iniyat Bunglawussi to declare her completely innocent.

Law enforcement in the UK is really oppressive …

A British al Qaeda trained terrorist was jailed today after being arrested at Heathrow Airport on his way to fight coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Dental assistant Sohail Qureshi, 30, told fellow extremists he planned to “kill many” during a two-to three-week mission, possibly fighting British troops.

He was jailed at the Old Bailey for four and a half years – but could be free in just over a year because of the time he has spent awaiting trial.

Police refused to comment publicly after sentencing but privately senior anti-terrorist detectives were said to be “disappointed” with the verdict.

After his sentencing this afternoon, Scotland Yard released photographs of Qureshi posing with an M16 and a AK47 assault rifle and sources described him as a “significant player” with long-term links to al Qaeda.

They are believed to have been taken at training camps in Pakistan which he is known to have visited a number of times in the last 10 years.

The Pakistani-born Muslim was working as a £1,100-a-month dental assistant in Barking at the time of his arrest at Heathrow in November 2006 when he tried to board a flight to Islamabad with a night-vision scope, metal batons and £9,000 in cash.

He claimed he was going to visit his family for the Islamic festival of Eid. Qureshi, of Forest-Gate, is the first to be convicted under new legislation targeting the preparation of terrorist acts. He was held after a joint operation involving the Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command and the Security Services.

Investigations revealed Qureshi offered to help the war effort in Pakistan and Afghanistan. An intercept communication revealed him telling one of his contacts: “All I know is it’s a two- to three-week operation….. Pray that I kill many.”


Londonistan: ‘cultural sensitivity’ goes apeshit:

Orwellian UK: A magistrate has been reprimanded for refusing to deal with the case of a Muslim woman because she was wearing a veil covering her face.

Veil row magistrate reprimanded

Ian Murray walked out of court when Zoobia Hussain, 32, first appeared at Manchester Magistrates’ Court in June.

Ms Hussain, from Crumpsall, who was accused of criminal damage, was wearing a veil covering her entire face.

The Office of Judicial Complaints said Mr Murray had been given a formal reprimand and further training. cultural sensitivity indoctrination.

He left the hearing without explaining why, but said later he felt the way Ms Hussain was dressed, in a niqab, raised identity issues.

The mother-of-five’s lawyer, Judith Hawkins, said she was “shocked and distressed” by Mr Murray’s “insensitive and unacceptable” treatment.

* Different shocks for different folks. PC-fascism & multiculti-BS at its best.

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6 thoughts on “Poverty Causes Terrorism Update: UK Muslim dentist jailed for planning jihad attacks on UK troops in Afganistan”

  1. They should have let him go-chances were good that he’d get his 72 virgins. Now he’ll get to be a parasite on the taxpayers instead.

  2. Which toothbrush do 90% of Muslim terrorists prefer?

    Tell us, Sohail

    M16 or AK47?

  3. IFL * Now he’ll get to be a parasite on the taxpayers instead.

    Or a new identity & a job on the Gold Coast.

  4. Yup Mullah, these guys get to live a splendid life once they’re caught. Even in jail they live better than as free cretins in their old countries. No wonder they keep on coming in droves.

  5. As to the Judge walking out of court because of the Defendant in the burka . . .

    The multicultural nuts in Britain are at it again, chipping away at their own societal mores and rights in order to conform to medieval customs of a culture not only not their own, but wholly antithetical to their own. This time the UK is altering fundemental tenets of their legal system.

    We in the West live in freedom because we are a nation of laws. Our legal system has slowly developed over millenia to be a common sense balance of competing interests designed to insure, to the maximum extent possible, the fair adjudication of legal cases. More specifically, for about half a millenium, it has been the custom in English common law that an accused has the right to confront his accuser in a public trial. And for even longer, it has been the custom of asking a jury and a judge to evaluate the testimony of witnesses at trial. In evaluating the truthfullness of witnesses, the jury and judge must – and traditionally have been – able to see the witnesses, to watch their mannerisms and facial expressions, in addition to listening to their testimony. Those are bedrock principals at the heart of anglo-saxon system of justice in America and the UK are completely undermined by allowing anyone to hide their identity behind a veil in the courtroom. This is not the hinterlands of Waziristan.

    This is insanity. Somebody please tell the suicidally multicultural left that it is quite acceptable to give freedom of worship to others while still maintaining the viability of one’s own culture in one’s own country. Turkey and Tunisia, two Muslim majority nations that have and wish to maintain a secular government ban the wearing of the hijab or similar clothing in schools and government buildings. The UK and Europe are faced by the growing menace of Salafi / Wahhabi / Deobandi Islam taking root across the continent. One of the tenants of Salafi / Wahhabi / Deobndi Islam is not to integrate into Western society. Putting these two together, it would certainly be reasonable for European countries to ban such clothing as a function of upholding their secular governments, asserting the primacy of their Western values, and promoting integration. It would seem reasonable in any event when fundemental principles of the anglo-saxon legal system are at issue.

    Instead, we have the UK now changing their legal system to make do for the radical Islamists in their midst. They do so even as they have outlawed criticism of Islam and now are not even teaching their own history out of fear of offending Muslim children who are getting filled with differing versions of propogandist hatred in their mosques about the crusades and the holocaust.

    May God save the Queen. Someone has to, as it will most certainly not be the well meaning leftists that have held Britain in their thrall since the end of WWII.

    You have a great blog here, by the way, Sheik

  6. I had to go to court last year (Like my historic namesake I’m no angel – but it isn’t angels that’ll beat the Islamics 🙂 ). I wonder if it would have been acceptable for me to wear an IRA-style black mask/balaclava?

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