The Obama Freak Show

* An excellent diagnosis of an American disease:


The Illustrated PIG has an excellent psycho-analysis for the mystery man who runs on hot air and ‘CHANGE’

Because Whites built America and made it rich and powerful, the media have made them feel guilty for this and blamed the whites and the white culture for black underachievement – instead of blacks being responsible for themselves whites have been made to feel guilty for their failures.

This is not only inherently racist in that it presupposes that ;

1) Blacks are incapable of standing on their own feet without whitey helping them

2) That blacks are somehow less responsible for their own actions and therefore that we should cut them some slack simply because they have black skins

3) That whites are somehow uniquely evil as it all whiteys fault for da state of da black community (and never the fault of the blacks themselves)

4) That whitey has a ‘racial obligation’ to help those racial groups who do not achieve whiteys level of culture

What Americans have been taught to feel is that they are all criminals simply because they are white, and that therefore they should atone for this by prostrating themselves at the feet of a ‘black president’ as a way of redeeming themselves from this racial inherited sin.


America wants to be loved by you… 


In every TV show or Hollywood film these days we have the same figures, the Black Hero fighting racism/social injustice against bigoted/priveliged whites.

From David and Wayne Palmer in the 24 series, Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty, Will Smith as the hero anti-racist / scientist who saves the world in I am Legend, the black Jesus in the Maddonna Like A Prayer video, the endless Black cop / fireman, rocket scientist etc in the US tv shows to the endless crap TV dramas about ‘racism’ on US tv.

The process of preparing the US public for voting for a ‘black president’ has been part of Hollywoods agenda for decades, filled as it with idiot white liberals, black radicals and Jewish activists.

The fact is that every American is born and raised sucking on the big TV tit.

They are stuck in front of the TV from babies and once hooked, are never weaned off it.

The TV tit is what controls America not the president.

Americans, and most Europeans and British people, are slaves to the media.

They never stop sucking at that tit. They crave it as the junkie craves the fix that he knows is slowly killing him.

As we live in atomised societies with no meaning anymore and with no central directing purpose, there is no meaning to existence anymore.

God is dead, the universe is infinite, Man is an ape, nationalism is a crime, moral and cultural relativism rule alongside mindless obedience to consumerism, ethnic loyalty is racism – there is no meaning anymore for the average Mass Animal that eats, sleeps, works, consumes, reproduces and then dies.

Therefore in the absence of meaning, the media is god.

As long as that TV tit keeps pumping out its poisonous milk, the more they will keep sucking on it.

And the older they get the more infantile they get. The longer they suck on the tit, the faster they replace their individuality with consumer obedience.

All that is left is for them to believe in is what they see on TV.

Note that you never see documentaries about The Zebra Killings, the Death Angels of the Nation of Islam, the mad black serial killers, the Beltway Snipers – instead you see films about black presidents and black gangsters.

The Black President saves the world, whilst the black gangster kills his black athlete cousin in a drug deal going down wrong but blames the white man and ‘racism’ for his crimes and then dies at the hand of the brutal white cop, coughing up blood and repenting his sins.

Its all total bollocks.

Its all so boring.

Its why all the bad guys are only allowed to be white in films these days and usually blonde, English or Russian and a racist.

The black guy is always the president, cop or detective that saves the day.

This is not an election, this is a media coup d’etat.

This election is not about politics, but about conditioning.

Every time some journalist talks about a ‘black president’ then analyse the image that comes in your head.

If you have the vision of morgan freeman or David Palmer in 24 then you are a victim of conditioning.

If you vote because of that image – then you are nothing but a brainwashed slave.


If you vote Obama simply because he is black, then you are the sort of person that would vote for Shrek if told too.

That means you are not an individual, that simply means you are a slave.



One thought on “The Obama Freak Show”

  1. “Because Whites built America and made it rich and powerful, the media have made them feel guilty for this and blamed the whites and the white culture for black underachievement – instead of blacks being responsible for themselves whites have been made to feel guilty for their failures.”

    As a thesis this statement is flawed.

    While white people have made significant contributions to our great country to say it was built by whites is unfair. Regardles of politics there are a few things that are a fact. The economy of slavery built the wealth of the south. The land was stolen from the Native Americans. It is very easy to become wealthy when the product and/ or the resources are free. The chinese did a great deal of work on the railroad. Much of america was built and continues to be built by immigrants ( white and non white).

    Also since the media , like everything else in America is influenced by cash, if you are to believe that it is the media’s fault then there should be a financial benefit for them to portray these images. It doesn’t make sense that it would be profitable to media companies to alienate their constituents by attempting to make them feel guilty for things that are not their fault.

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