White Flight: 684 Quit Britain Every Day


 * The socialist effort to replace the indigenous population with a Muhammedan proletariat is working: Native Brits are making a run for it:

Record number escaping UK’s immigration, high taxes and crime 

BRITONS are leaving the country in record numbers—thanks to spiralling levels of IMMIGRATION, CRIME and TAX.

Government figures set to be released later this year will show that an astonishing 250,000 people fled Britain in 2007.

That’s 684 A DAY—or ONE every TWO MINUTES.

And it’s a massive 21 PER CENT increase on the 207,000 who went in 2006—and up nearly 70 PER CENT from the 149,000 who left in 1997.

Now experts expect this year’s total to be even higher as hard-pressed families seek a new life in the sun—with Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain the top destinations.

Meanwhile, huge numbers of foreigners are pouring INTO the UK, with 591,000 settling here in 2006.

And there has been a 90 PER CENT increase in immigration over the past ten years—from 327,000 in 1997 to an estimated 620,000 last year. Emigration expert Paul Arthur believes the numbers leaving will continue to rise.

He said: “We have had record enquiries about emigration over this winter, with people not just wanting to escape the bleak weather, but seeking a whole change of lifestyle.

“Many are unhappy with the levels of crime, high taxes and the general way of life. Overseas there are more career opportunities, particularly in Australia and New Zealand which have huge shortfalls in skilled labour.”


Typical of those leaving are plasterer Damian Barrett and wife Alison.

The couiple, both 37, who are emigrating from Bolton-le-Sands, Lancs, with kids Holly, eight, and Joseph, six, to Auckland, New Zealand.

Alison said: “We’re tired of Britain, with its unfair tax system, crime, and live-to-work ethic. There are also too many foreigners coming in and using up all our resources. We want a better life.”

*  Watch out folks: rumors have it that the soldiers of Allah are following hard on your heels! 

4 thoughts on “White Flight: 684 Quit Britain Every Day”

  1. People are leaving Britain for France? Holy cow-things are far worse than I ever imagined in the UK if that’s the case.

  2. I have heard many are going to OZ, NZ and Spain.

    Why Spain? And why France as ISLAMSFORLOSERS says?

    Sometime ago on JW some Kiwi complained that all this immigration was driving house prices up rapidly. Possibly it is happening in OZ also as housing in my state went up 25% this last quatre.

  3. Good! It is a pity that every ‘white’ person (Brits) cannot escape the UK and leave the country to Gordon Brown, Ray Livingstone et al. Leave the traitorous lovers of muhammedans to sink into the uncivilized Islamic cesspool they have created.

    May all their sons be homosexual!

  4. The blonde is cute but the guy looks like a thug. Ok, I am judging by appearances and plastering is a useful skill.

    I left Britain because I want to enjoy life and sex without the puritan, ignorant, uncultured, dog-eat-dog Brutism that Britain has become.

    There’s a lot of white trash as well. Mix in all the immigrants and that’s an explosive mix.

    Goodbye and good luck with that!

    P.s. Yes, I was bullied at school. You need to do something about that, British people/politicians!

    Stop losing your people.

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