Indonesia: The Mothers of Misunderstanding (Islam)

Big news: Indonesia’s largest Muslim group vows to combat misunderstanding of Islam!

Thanx to Robert Spencer/JW

Misunderstanders of Islam Watch


We frequently hear from Muslim spokesmen in the West and elsewhere that today’s jihad terrorists have twisted Islam, and have misunderstood its peaceful teachings. We have on many occasions noted the fact that this alleged misunderstanding of Islam is now a worldwide phenomenon, and that misunderstanders of Islam are often Muslim clerics who have devoted their lives to the study of the religion. And one element that has been conspicuously lacking from this scenario, and that I have called for many times, is any serious attempt by those Muslims who claim that the jihadists misunderstand Islam to teach against these misunderstandings within Muslim communities, in order to blunt the force of jihadist recruitment. We have seen several countries, notably Saudi Arabia and Yemen, claim to rehabilitate jihadists using the “true” teachings of Islam, but such programs have been marked by a high rate of recidivism and a curious vagueness about just how they teach against the jihad ideology from a Muslim perspective.

And here we go again. Six years after 9/11, 10,000 jihad terror attacks later, this Indonesian group decides that it’s time to do something about all this misunderstanding of Islam.

What will they do? That’s not clear. I wish them well, but I wish they would spell it out, so if there is anything to it at all (which the unanimous vagueness on this point renders doubtful), other Muslims could do the same thing.

* Actually, they’re only selling hope to Western dhimmi-wits: these guys will attract western money like s#*t attracts flies. Our half-witted polit-props and NGO’s will be all over them supporting these mothers of a brand-new Islam, which, as we all know, will not be different from the 7th century Islam that we know so well.

But hope sells….

…because there is a sucker born every minute!


“Indonesian biggest Muslim organization declares to halt terrorism”

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* Lets see what Bucktooth Bashir sez about that…

* Hugh Fitzgerald has a few things to say also…

* But best of all is our old Profit Muhammad


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  1. Clerics spend their lives studying the Koran and yet they still misunderstand. If something is “misunderstood” for 1400 years the way that book is then it’s not worth understanding-it’s time to junk something that’s so confusing and so easy to misunderstand.

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