Egypt: Islamo-Logic at Work

Egyptian court: “Islam is the final and most complete religion and therefore Muslims already practice full freedom of religion and cannot convert”


Muhammadansim, believe it or else…!

From the ‘No compulsion in religion’ department

Muhammad Hegazy Update. “Egypt Rules Christian Convert Must Remain Legally Muslim,” by Ethan Cole for the Christian Post:

An Egyptian judge ruled this week in an unprecedented case that a Muslim who converted to Christianity cannot legally change his religious status, although he may believe what he wants in his heart.

Muhammad Hegazy, 25, lost his case on Tuesday when Judge Muhammad Husseini of a court in Cairo said according to sharia, or Islamic law, Islam is the final and most complete religion and therefore Muslims already practice full freedom of religion and cannot convert to an older belief (Christianity or Judaism), according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

No compulsion in religion.

“He (Hegazy) can believe whatever he wants in his heart, but on paper he can’t convert,” Husseini told the administrative court, according to a member of Hegazy’s legal team to Compass Direct.
Judge Husseini based his decision on Article II of the Egyptian constitution, which makes sharia the source of Egyptian law.

Hegazy has denounced the ruling as a “violation” of his basic rights.

“What does the state have to do with the religion I embrace?” Hegazy questioned, according to the United States Copts Association following the ruling.
The convert’s defense team was also disappointed with the verdict.
“The judge didn’t listen to our defense, and we didn’t even have a chance to talk before the court,” said Gamel Eid, head of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) to U.S. Copts Association.



Iran: “No Compulsion in Religion” Update: 


Thanks to Mullah 

* But women who leave Islam would be subjected only to ‘hardship’ until they recant.

ISTANBUL, February 8 (Compass Direct News) – The Iranian parliament may mandate the death penalty for citizens who leave Islam, a human rights group announced this week. For the first time in Iranian history, a proposed penal code demands the death penalty for “apostates,” according to a February 5 statement by the Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP). 

2 thoughts on “Egypt: Islamo-Logic at Work”

  1. * Islam is the final and most complete religion

    Islam is a fake, based on rejection of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.
    If “Judge” Muhammad Husseini had any idea what awaits him, he would reconsider
    his verdict.

  2. * From the ‘No compulsion in religion’ department

    Iran, not to be outdone, and determined to meet its fate at Hamongog, introduces a law
    that imposes death penalty on converts and apostates from the religion of peace …
    LEGISLATION has been brought by the government of President Mahmoud Amadinejad
    before the Iranian Majlis that would mandate the death penalty for apostates from Islam.
    The law’s reach would be worldwide, the legislation says.

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