Spotlight on Israel: PA's Message: In English – Coexist; In Arabic – Destroy Israel

* Its impossible to cover Israel. We are being bombarded with news items coming out of Israel every minute, every hour, its just overwhelming. But Israel is well covered by many other blogs, so we’ll just concentrate on the global jihad elsewhere. But once in a while, just to let off steam, we do report on the jihad against the Jews, who are by and large still oblivious and blissfully ignorant about the jihad ideology that is even more of a danger to them then the Nazi’s were.


Arafart’s tradition continues:

In English – Coexist; In Arabic – Destroy Israel

By Leah Morse for Israel National News thanks to JW

( The Palestinian Authority (PA) is delivering two very different messages to the Western and Arab world. The message to the West, declared in English in front of media microphones and cameras, glorifies an independent Palestinian state coexisting peacefully beside Israel.
But according to documented videos of PA TV programs monitored by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the PA is telling its Arab audience that there will be no Israel at all, rather one large Arab Palestine will rule the entirety of Israel.


[…] PMW Director Itamar Marcus explains that translated speeches and interviews of Palestinian leaders reveal their true intentions. Even “moderate” PA leaders have no intention of actually making peace with Israel or even recognizing its right to exist. Marcus says that hate-filled messages are rampant in PA culture and even in children’s textbooks, which tell young minds that Islam demands the destruction of Israel.


Gaza rocket barrage hits Israel


Israel says Palestinian militants have continued to fire rockets from Gaza into Israeli territory.
Israeli officials say nearly 20 devices were launched on Friday, causing no injuries and little damage.

Late on Thursday, Israel began cutting back on the electricity it supplies to Gaza from the Israeli grid.

On Thursday Israeli strikes killed seven people in Gaza – six of them militants – in operations aimed at halting the rocket fire.

Israel has cut back what it says is 1% of the power it supplies to Gaza.


Israel: Targeted Assassinations Way to Go

For Israel, its either this


Car-swarm pic’s are the best!

If the Kassam rocket fire on the western Negev continues unabated, the government will have to decide whether to further ratchet up its reactions by targeting top Hamas political leaders, government officials told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Or this:


Suicide bomber carnage


Rachel Corries Pancake Breakfast

Pali-American Group Establishes “Rachel Corrie” Scholarship….


* We won’t bore you with this miserable ‘peace-activist’ schlock: Rachel Corrie was a Jew-hating terrorist-supporting twat who thought she was bigger than the 8 ton bulldozer that crushed her.

* Here if you’re interested to enroll: Weasel Zippers


Veiled Threats:

Haniyeh rants and raves, accuses Europe of inaction on ‘massacres’


Genocidal Lunatic Hanieh

Gaza, 8 Feb.(AKI) – Ismail Haniyeh, a senior Palestinian leader from the Hamas political faction, has accused Europe of ignoring what he called Israeli “massacres”.

“I am disappointed that Europe continues to go under the protective veil of the United States and remain silent in light of Israel’s massacres [of the Palestinian people],” Haniyeh said in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI) on Friday.

“There are some European countries with whom we have good relations, but I would like them to play a more important role in the Middle East crisis”, said Haniyeh.

“We are ready to establish dialogue with them, but they have become closer to our enemy, since we were elected in 2006, and they use the same measure of assessment as the Americans do.”

* You can read the rest, but its always the same: calling for Israel’s distruction & surrender


Uniquely Bizarre

An excellent piece by Barry Rubin if you’re trying to understand the ‘complexities’ of the so called Middle East conflict…


“It’s their choice. They need to choose if they want to keep investing in attacking Israel or if they want electricity from Israel”


Smoke rising from an explosion following an IAF air strike on a building used by Hamas in Gaza City, Thursday

Israel has made sure that the electricity has kept on humming along no matter what. Of course, if the Israelis had not done this, the international pressure would have been outrageous. But the rockets keep coming, as the jihad continues…


Peace-loving, moderate Abbas regime says Dimona murderers were “holy martyrs”

More on the Bush/Rice Fantasy-Based Policymaking

by Hillel Fendel for Israel National News

( Newspapers of the Palestinian Authority, controlled by Mahmoud Abbas, say the Dimona murderers were “holy martyrs.”
A 73-year-old new immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Lyubov Razdolskaya, was murdered in the Dimona suicide attack this Monday, and her husband was critically wounded and is still fighting for his life. The two of them were theoretical physicists who made a significant contribution to particle physics in Ben Gurion University. Over 40 other people were also wounded in the attack.


Sick, perverse stuff at UC Irvine

Muslim student hatefest

…and it’s to UC Irvine’s enduring shame that they refuse to deal with the festering sewer of hatred and jihad ideology on their campus.

Muhammad Al-Asi, former head of the Islamic Center in Washington DC, who praises Lebanese terrorist organization Hizballah, compares the Israeli security barrier to the Berlin Wall (invoking Ronald Reagan, if you can believe it), whines about how the barrier prevents dialog and communication, then threatens Israel by saying, “You think the wall will keep out an ocean of 2 billion Muslims?”


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