Germany: Turks Mock Holocaust Victims

Turks mock victims of the Holocaust

“Yesterday Jews, Muslims today”

* But Muslims are not Jews…

* and the Koran teaches Muslims to hate Jews and to wipe them out…


Apologies for the imperfect computer translation:

Shortly before the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a site of a burned apartment block on Thursday in Ludwigshafen:

Turkish demonstrators waved slogans protesting drastically. In the crowd of several hundred mourners who gathered at the fences two men held several posters high.

After a few minutes, the two men took the posters down. One poster showed a comparison to Solingen, where in a xenophobic attack in 1993 five Turkish women and children were burned, but they attached one of the banners to the fencings. The Ludwigshafen SPD deputies Landtags Guenther Ramsauer, also in the crowd waitng for Erdogan and Prime Minister Kurt Beck (SPD), criticized the action as “appalling”. This could “not be a good coexistence of Germans and Turks in Ludwigshafen,” said Ramsauer.
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Better translation here: 

Tensions between Germans and Turks were fuelled last week by a fire in a housing block in the German city of Ludwigshafen, killing nine people of Turkish origin. The cause of the fire remains unknown but Turkish media have speculated that it was a ‘racially motivated’ attack. 

* Turks are not a race 



Update: Erdogan demands Turkish Schools & Universities in Germany 

*  That will ‘integrate & assimilate’ the Muslims better, especially at taxpayers expense..

Thanks to Mullah 


Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan called for Turkish-language schools and universities to be set up in Germany. The plan has met with scepticism in Germany.
During a meeting with Merkel and school students from Berlin on Friday, Feb 8, to discuss problems of young migrants such as language barriers,  Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said he was in favour of integration and against assimiliation.

The Turkish leader said he supported integration efforts but ‘people’s differences must be accepted.’

“In Germany, it should be possible for high schools to be set up where the teaching is in Turkish,” Erdogan said, adding he also favored the idea of Turkish-language universities in Germany.

 He added that children would not be able to master German unless they could speak their own language and added that Turkey would be willing to send over teachers.

* Religious agit-props, preferably, who teach jihad & dhimmitude…

“If you want a Turkish school, go to Turkey”

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8 thoughts on “Germany: Turks Mock Holocaust Victims”

  1. The Holocaust seems to be quite useful for Koranists-they deny it ever happened when Jews bring it up yet they themselves are afraid that they will be victimized by a new Holocaust. How convenient.

  2. As usual they wail they are the victims after they are the ones who start all the violence. It is a very useful tactic over the years for them – I hope we stop listening to them. I have except to notice when they start doing it. It is just a tactic to divert other’s eyes from something that they have been doing.

  3. It’s pathetic when they play the “we are just like the Jews” card. I have seen it done many times, even here, Sheik.

    1. there are so many more of them.
    2. no country has as yet said “get rid of them”.
    3. Jews have never made demands on their “host” countries.It’s in the Torah not to do that.
    4. If there ever were calls for them to go they have a plethora of muslim countries to go to. The Jews had none, and were not welcome anywhere.
    5. Jews have been persecuted for centuries – Muslims haven’t.
    6. There was no UN during WW2 to speak out for the Jews. Now the UN is a mouthpiece for islamic states.
    7. Jews didn’t and don’t control the world’s oil reserves. Hitler and the Allies were after the arab oil back then.

    And that’s just for starters.

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