Head-Banger Jihad

Breeding Killer Zombies:


UK jihadist taught five-year-old son: “Kuffar — kill! Sheikh Osama bin Laden I love”

Parviz Khan Update:

“Leader ‘groomed children for terrorism,'”

by Duncan Gardham in the Telegraph:

In one recorded conversation of May 2006 he was heard shouting at his five-year-old son when he made a mistake reading the Koran from heart.
He made him stand in front of him with his hands by his side and demanded: “Who do you love?”

The child answered: “I love Sheikh Osama bin Laden.”

“And?” said Khan.

“Sheikh Abdel-Rahman” referring to the “Blind sheikh” in prison in the US.

“And?” asked Khan.

“Sheikh Abu Hamza” referring to the jailed imam at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London.

“Who do you kill?” asked Khan.

“America kill,” said the boy.

“Who else you kill?” said Khan.

“Bush I kill,” said the boy.

“And who else?” demanded Khan.

“Blair kill, both people kill.”



The Mark of the Beast:

Hugh Fitzgerald explains the prayer-bruise in the middle of terrorist Parviz Khan’s forehead. For pious Muslims, this replaces the pineal gland that the Cartesian French may flaunt. The name for this sign of zealotry is “zebibah.”


Grand Zealot of Zebibahstan


Infidel officers, attempting to deal with Muslim rioters, might give the order “Don’t fire until you see their zebibahs.”

Of course, the notion that only those with telltale zebibahs need worry us is comforting, but because it offers false comfort, it is itself a source of worry. It is not only those who flaunt that bathetic bruise of piety who are deeply committed to the duty of Jihad, but hundreds of millions of Muslims who take that duty seriously, but need have no zebibah as an outward sign of an inward determination.

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The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Muhammad Mahdi Akef

The dark spot on the foreheads of the believers are marks of religious fervor, often seen on particularly pious adherents of the prophet, from banging the forehead on the floor during prayers.

* Think it helps to bring about the Mahdi sooner?


6 thoughts on “Head-Banger Jihad”

  1. Obviously they must not know the benefits of head trauma incurred by multiple blows to the noggin unlike Mohammed Ali or pro wrestling’s findings for Chris Benoit.


    Explains the impulse to kill everyone anyway and should work well for their lawyers the next mass murder go around………….

  2. * The Mark of the Beast:

    Getting warmer, but not the Mark. Those who have this Islamic mark can, if they so choose,
    repent and accept Jesus Christ as saviour and lord. Those who take the mark of the beast
    will not have that opportunity – their acceptance of the antichrist (who may or may not be
    the Mahdi) will be final & irrevocable. Personally, I believe that Islam is simply a “sacrificial
    anode”, to be destroyed in the process of establishing a system that is even more sinister.

  3. Zebibah – Arabic for “head trauma”. Many unpleasant side effects associated with this: disordered thinking, extreme emotional lability (wild mood swings), cognitive disabilities. See also traumatic brain injury.

  4. A_Nonny_Mouse: Zebibah – Arabic for “head trauma.” Etc.

    With a bit of luck, the prayer-bruises will all turn cancerous.

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