Yusuf Rrrubs it! Part 1


* Islamo-agit-prop Irfan Yusuf, a lawyer in Syney, who busies himself with taqiyya, deflecting away from the unpalatable aspects of Islam, regularly engages Tu Coque, (you do it too) a childish Islamo-logical fallacy. Yusuf has been featured here, here, here and here. Yusuf is a bit of a stickler, but he is good at one thing, which is to foster division and dissent, sedition and malevolence in the Dar ul Harb, behind enemy lines, among the infidels. And since there are always enough moonbats out there to fill the Sydney Opera House on the double, he does his Islamic da’awa with increasing fervor.

The goal of the Islamo-agit-prop is to split the natives against each other so they become the balance that tips the scales of power in favor of creeping sharia, which is beginning to creep into Australia too.

* Yes, we know you’re watching, Yusuf, its fun watching you too!  (but don’t forget to flush!)

“Logic and islam simply don’t mix”

* One of our readers, Susan sent this in:

Muslims are incapable of rational logic as we understand it. They are alien creatures that exist in a parallel universe where good is evil and evil is good. They are all INVETERATE LIARS; lying comes as naturally to muslims as breathing.

I believe that mendacity is thoroughly entrenched in the muslim ethos as a defense mechanism. IF they ever stop lying to themselves and us, they will be forced to face and confront islam’s malevolence and asininity. If islam is perfect, why must they lie about its hideous doctrine?

Muslims are human insofar as they possess the physical attributes of homo sapiens, but that is where all similarities between them and us end. They are on a different wavelength than normal people; their thoughts, perceptions, and desires are formed by their total immersion in islam and ignorance and avoidance of any real interaction with the non-muslim world. Most muslims are oblivious to or misinformed about what exists beyond the narrow confines of islam. They are little more than ultra-fanatical rubes with severe tunnel vision.

The imams and mullahs know that the only way to keep the flock faithful is to keep it terrified, enraged, and segregated from outside influence and contact with the non-muslim world. Lies, lies, lies—-islam was borne of lies, deception, and savage brutality. It is a house of cards that cannot be sustained without violence, fear, anger, and lies.

* Saudi Arabia, the hotbed of Wahabism, promotes this kind of ideology in glossy pamphlets which are distributed throughout the mosques:

“Be dissociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion, leave them, never rely on them for support, do not admire them, and always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law.” A high school textbook makes it absolutely clear where such teaching leads: “To be true Muslims, we must prepare and be ready for jihad in Allah’s way. It is the duty of the citizen and the government. The military education is glued to faith and its meaning, and the duty to follow it.”

* Condemn terrorism? Sure. Perhaps they condemn terrorism against Saudi Arabia. But they don’t condemn jihad elsewhere.

But now back to Yusuf Rubs it:

Yusuf discovers Australia’s Aborigines:


Yusuf knows all about family values, especially when it comes to Australia’s indigenous people:

Yusuf: It’s a bit rich for white-skinned Anglo-Aussies to lecture newer migrants on integration. What efforts did English, Irish, Scottish and other convicts and settlers make to integrate with Indigenous cultures?

Well, its about time for you to integrate with the indigenous culture, don’tcha think Yusuf?

Yusuf: If we really are a Christian nation (as some conservatives claim), surely we should be taking some advice from the man (or rather, Son of Man) himself in how we deal with each other. Conservatives should be tripping over each other to make a collective apology not just to the Stolen Generation but to all Indigenous Aussies for all they have suffered thanks to our presence here.

Ya think, Yusuf? Strange that we never hear you call upon the ummah Islamiyah to make apologies about the mistreatment of Hindu’s, Christians & Jews under the Islamic system. We could start with the jihad against India by your Muhammedan ancestors, how about it Yusuf?

Islamic Hoards and Their Terror
Torture of the Buddhists
Aurangzeb’s Tryanny against the Sikhs and Hindus
Effect of Muslim Atrocities on Hindu Society

We could then move to the Copts in Egypt and the Christians in Gaza….

Yeah. And so Yusuf does his little da’awa thing, which is meant to appeal to disenfranchised Aborigines who might be interested in Islam, right Yusuf? Is there anything else that matters?

We could talk about child abuse in the mosques, how about it Yusuf?

* Just like the catmeat Sheik Hilali before him, who sees mosques everywhere in the interior:


Before shrimp on the barbee, Foster’s Lager, and Crocodile Dundee, evidently there was the burqa, the book, and the Prophet. MEMRI is reporting that the Mufti of Australia and New Zealand, Taj Al-Din Hamed Abdallah Al-Hilali, is claiming that Australia was originally Muslim land, settled by Afghans. The Aborigines are their ‘descendants’, read it all…


Unfortunately, this crap doesn’t wash: Blacks are traditionally seen as slaves by Arab Muslims, who have been raiding the kraals in Africa long before Muhammad invented the cult of Islam in the 7th century. The word for Black in Arabic is Abeed, which means slave, the identical word for blacks. Arabs, not white people, have the longest history of slavery and slave-trade. But don’t wait for Yusuf to tell you that.

Take a look here…


* Arab slavers raid a kraal in Africa



Arab Slave Traders with Stock in Trade

* Then there’s Darfur. But don’t wait for Yusuf to write about the plight of the black Darfurians. You can get an idea what black Muslims are doing to each other just because they are a tad darker, here…

* and here: Darfur women ‘kept as sex slaves after kidnap by the Sudanese army’

* More here: Forced Islamization Under Way in Western Sudan

* Next: we will take a look at RAPE against infidel women as sanctioned by the profit of Islam. Stay tuned…


7 thoughts on “Yusuf Rrrubs it! Part 1”

  1. I sincerely feel they are going to try to convert the Aborigine people. The Aborigines already feel so disenfranchised, they are ripe for the plucking…….and that is the goal here. Hopefully since they made the official apology to these people, hopefully they will be swayed to the light side, not the dark, and protect THEIR indiginous culture and ancestral lands from the moes.

    God willing!

  2. Uberinfidel>>” The Aborigines already feel so disenfranchised, they are ripe for the plucking…….and that is the goal here. ”

    We’ve(USA) had precisely the exact strategy being employed with blacks in prisons for years.

  3. >>”I sincerely feel they are going to try to convert the Aborigine people.”

    I don’t think they can covert the Aboriginals to believe their lies. I have the greatest respect for the Aboriginals who through difficult times and great adversary of huge change have preserved and taught their culture,art and religion.

    How could they prove the Aboriginal beliefs thousands of years old to be wrong when they can’t offer any proof theirs is true. Every thing they teach is either unproven, or proven false!

    The only offer lies and deceit!! And anyone bothers to check for them selves will see they don’t mention 1400 years of lies, murder and mayhem! A history of destroying every culture they have come into contact with!! AND then they even lie about that! Just the big arabic “T”word!

    I can’t see Aboriginal elders endorse shagging 9 year old prepubesent girls!!!

    The Islamic folks should be ashamed of the tripe they preach and the lies they tell!

    The government need to be on notice ” this sorry is a practice run for when it must say sorry to ALL Australians for allowing islam into the country”

  4. As an Australian aboriginal I resent that ridiculous apology and I know way too much about islam.No filthy mussie can pull the wool over my or my family’s eyes as we know all too well how mussies think.islam is a death CULT and mussies aid and abet a paedophile.
    I fear the left control too much and the future isn’t going to be pretty.

  5. Sri Laksal:
    ” … the big arabic “T”word! ”

    What’s that then?

    – Twats?

  6. D.T….I meant no disrespect whatsoever. I just notice how these barbarians swoop in….tell people what they want to hear….and things get ugly from there. Hell, they even try to claim that Native Americans were moes!!! These people are dangerous. Nothing that comes out of their mouths can be trusted. I PRAY for the Aborigine people. I really do. Be strong.

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