"My family, my killers"- the ugly reality behind 'honor killings'

*    “I have talked to loads of Muslim women…the greatest fear they have is not Islamophobia or being attacked by racists or being arrested on suspicion of terrorism. It is from within their own family.”

Violence at the hands of their relatives is more of a threat to some Muslim women than racism, writes James Button. 

*  The ‘racism’ thing, as we all know-, is bullshit because Islam is not a race. Why James Button invokes it, only he would know. But other than that, there are a few revealing moments in this article from  the Sydney Morning Herald.


Banaz Mahmod … raped and murdered for daring to fall in love. 


The grainy video, taken on a mobile phone and played in a British court last year, shows a young woman lying on a bed, telling how her father had tried to kill her that day. She says he gave her some brandy, pulled the curtains and asked her to turn around, at which point she fled the house. It sounds far-fetched, but Banaz Mahmod knew what she was talking about. Within a month, the 19-year-old was dead.

Mahmod, an Iraqi Kurd whose family arrived in Britain as asylum seekers when she was 10, had been forced to marry a Kurdish man from the Midlands. But the marriage was a disaster and Mahmod fled to the family home in south London, saying her husband had raped her.

Back in London she fell in love with another man, Rahmat Sulemani, an Iranian Kurd who her family said was not a good enough Muslim. One day she kissed him on a street. A Kurdish bystander photographed the kiss on a mobile phone and showed it to her uncle, Ari Mahmod. He called a family meeting where it was decided the couple would be murdered.

Three months after she disappeared, Mahmod’s naked body was found in a case buried in a Birmingham backyard. The gang of young men her uncle had recruited to kill her had also raped and tortured her, and left the bootlace they used to strangle her around her neck.

*  Now lets see if we can get some Islamic ruling on the rape & torture. Stay tuned!

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