John Bolton: "Free Kosovo a Door for Islamic Radicals"


A Muslim youth snaps a picture of his friend urinating into the ruins
of a church freshly destroyed by other Muslims (Kosovo, 2004).


Free Kosovo will be a door for Islamic jihadists

* John Bolton says what we have been saying here all along:

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“Free Kosovo a Door for Islamic Radicals,” from Javno (thanks to JW):

Independent Kosovo will endanger the stability in the Balkans once again, estimated the American ambassador at the UN, John Bolton.
I think that there is a significant risk that the instability in the Balkans will continue in Bosnia and other areas where ethnic groups do not live in a country they refuse, said Bolton in an interview for Glas Amerike reported in Serbian language.

Kosovo will be a weak country submissive to Islamic radical forces which will spread its influence in the area with the support of singular Albanians and so potentially open the door to radicals in Europe, Bolton estimated.


UN Security Council Meets on Kosovo

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia tried to block Kosovo’s independence during a closed-door emergency session of the U.N. Security Council on Sunday, saying it is deeply concerned about the safety of Serbs living in the territory.
The discussion among members of the 15-member council continued to expose their divisions on the future of Kosovo. Russia backs its close ally Serbia, while the United States, Britain, France and other European Union members support Kosovo’s majority ethnic Albanians.
The council met at the request of Serbia and Russia, which argue that Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia made earlier Sunday violates a 1999 council resolution that authorizes the U.N. to administer the territory.



Europe, US caution against violence in independent Kosovo

Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of a false state is the final act of a policy that started with the NATO aggression against Serbia in 1999,’ Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said.

“We expect from the UN mission and from the NATO representatives in Kosovo that they do their duty and annul Pristina’s decision,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the Interfax news agency.



Albanian Heroin Republic Successfully Established! 


Thousands of Kosovars Albanians chant “KLA! KLA!*


* Picanninni Poontang goes ‘gagaga’ 

In the capital, Pristina, the mood was jubilant. Thousands of ethnic Albanians braved subfreezing temperatures to ride on the roofs of their cars, singing patriotic songs and chanting: “KLA! KLA!” the acronym for the now-disbanded rebel Kosovo Liberation Army.

From “KLA rebels train in terrorist camps,”

by Jerry Seper for the Washington Times in 1999:
Some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden…


* Connecting the dots


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  1. Check out this guy that said that Kosova “Ish-ambasadori amerikan në OKB thotë se duhet vazhduar negociatat për statusin e Kosovës”
    I went to search the web about this guy JOHN BOLTON and look what i found
    “Bolton supported the Vietnam War, he enlisted in the Maryland Army National Guard rather than serve in Vietnam. He wrote in his Yale 25th reunion book “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.”[6] In an interview, Bolton discussed his comment in the reunion book, explaining that he decided to avoid service in Vietnam because “by the time I was about to graduate in 1970, it was clear to me that Opponents of the Vietnam war had made it certain we could not prevail, and that I had no great interest in going there to have Teddy Kennedy give it back to the people I might die to take it away from.”
    this guy is a coward

  2. A coward? Not.

    Perhaps to realistic for your taste. But I would agree with you that the Vietnam war was lost, or rather given away, by the same defeatist traitors that are now in congress.

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