The Duplicity of the 'Moderate Muslims'

Denmark: Muslim clerics upset about cartoon revival


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Feb. 16 (UPI) — Muslim clerics Friday chastised Danish newspapers for reprinting cartoons of Mohammed and criticized teenagers for rioting in reaction to the cartoons.

Mostafa Chendid, addressing a congregation of 1,000 at a Copenhagen mosque Friday, blamed the Danish news media for fomenting anti-Muslim feelings — and especially for reprinting the bomb cartoon. Then he addressed the young men in his flock.

“Mohammed did not teach you to burn schools, cars and public buildings,” Chendid said. “He taught you to behave in a civilized manner.”

* No he didn’t, Chenid. In fact Muhammad himself was an evil fire bug as we can see here:

Muhammad the arsonist:

Bukhari:V1B11N617 “I would order someone to collect firewood and another to lead prayer. Then I would go burn the houses of men who did not present themselves at the compulsory prayer and prostration.”

The burning of rival mosques:

When Muhammad halted at Dhu Awan, he accused its builders of being unjust and sent a band of jihadists to burn and destroy the freshly constructed mosque. He said to his band of hooligans, “Go to this mosque whose owners are unjust people and destroy and burn it.” (Tabari, vol.ix, p.61). His band of raging arsonists stealthily entered the bustling mosque and set fire to it when it was filled with people assembled for the evening prayer. The worshippers dispersed in utter terror. Allah promptly sent down verse 9:107, 110, justifying the destruction of opposition mosques. To further validate his gutting of this mosque, Muhammad concocted the story that he suspected that the builders of the ‘Mosque of Dissent’ were planning to assassinate him.

Iman Abdul Wahid Petersen, preaching at another mosque, also criticized the newspapers.

“The Danish media have not understood that it is important to have impartial grounds in any debate,” he said. “It is not impartial to spit your opponent in the face.”

* The good imam forgets to mention that Muslims have been spitting in the faces of infidels for 1400 years… even filled their mouths with dirt when they forced the dhimmies to pay the jiziya…


* Lies and denials about suicide bombers:

* Lies for the infidels, glorification of mass-murder for Muslims

A “Good” Suicide Bomber?

By Joe Kaufman

Since the attacks on 9/11, we have heard a number of voices from the Islamic community say that suicide is forbidden in Islam. At the same time, we have heard Muslim voices state that the Palestinian form of suicide — what has been referred to as “martyrdom operations” — are perfectly legitimate and are not actually suicide. One of the voices that is playing both sides of this dual game is the Muslim American Society (MAS), an extremist group tied to the violent Muslim Brotherhood overseas.

Read it all

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  1. those masses of ‘moderates’ should be questioned – ALL THE TIME! Who would follow a thug like mohammed? but, I find out they are not taught he is a thuggish pig, but a nice benevolent guy. They are even inserting that garbage into our history books, besides the 5 tenets of islam.

    Anyway, ‘moderates’ are only concerned with their image and not being hurt or bothered until their numbers are sufficient so as to be intimidating to non-muslims. Until they wail they are victims and we actually believe it while nothing proves their claims.

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