8 thoughts on “Palistan Grievance Theater Downunder”

  1. “Hitlers of the 21st Century” / “Terrorist Zionist”

    Looks like they are vilifying Israel and or Jews. Odd, I’ve just come from a page that claims
    that “it is prohibited for a Muslim to insult the beliefs of a non-Muslim or to damage their places of worship”, and all will be well for us dhimmies “under the shade of the Caliphate”. which
    must be re-established “to prevent the West and her surrogates from attacking Islam and humiliating Muslims”.

    West’s notion of freedom is an open license to vilify Muslims
    by Abid Mustafa

    * The only way to prevent the West and her surrogates from attacking Islam and humiliating Muslims is to re-establish the Caliphate.

    I sent a reply to Abid Mustafa – nothing malicious, but certainly not complimentary to Islam
    and its false prophet – probably the fatwa is being drawn up by now. 🙂

    Incidentally, the link to the “Ruling on Valentine’s Day” on the Islamic Information & Services Network of Australasia home page is enlightening, for its view of kuffaar and our festivals.

  2. Well, they need more millions to purchase bigger and better weapons so they can wipe out Israel.

    Millions of pounds, probably billions, are being sent to Pakistan by ‘Britons’!!! every year from Nelson in Lancashire, UK.

    Money is also being sent by ‘Britons’ from Manchester, Bradford, Rochdale, Oldham to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Most likely to Palestine aswell.

    I would imagine those few named towns are only the tip of the iceberg. Every UK town that muhammedans inhabit will be sending millions of pounds.


  3. haaah, u sad people make me laugh! let me tell u something for your stupid, sad, uneducated minds! I am a muslim woman and a very happy 1 as well. All this bullshit that u lot actually sit down, read, and get a boner over is pathethic! Women as a matter of fact have a very respectable and valued place in islam, only thick people like you beat your wives, disrespect them and fuck them like dogs and are proud of yourself, just because you lot are animals, you are jealous of people who actually act like human beings should, sooo you sit on the internet like a sad pervert and comment on muhammed and muslim women and make muslims look like the bastards that you are just because you lot fuck about and dont know who your real dads are! whats the matter? are you jealous of the fact that us muslim women actually have respect for ourselves and keep ourselves covered so that sad lonely animals like you dont put your dirty eyes on us? are you jealous of the fact that we are not hoes like your girlfriends, mothers and daughters who go around fucking guys and not to mention girls aswell just because they are lonely and cant think of anything better to do then to go around catching sexual diseases and then passing it onto their children? are you jealous of the fact that us muslim women save ourselves for just one man so that our kids have the knowledge of who their real dads are? look i know that none of you have the sense to live like human beings but that doesnt mean you have to point fingers at the man muhammed who taught humans how to live, are you jealous that you are soo stupid that you couldnt live like a human being? god do i feel sorry for you! you poor things, probably sit at home, on the net, playing with yourselves because you have nothing better to do but to fantasise about what muslim might look like under their veils because you’re so used to looking at your mothers and daughters private parts! you disgusting sad arse tramps! is this your full time job? to sit on the net commenting on us, masturbating ova your women, spreading sexual diseases? Well let me tell you, that unlike you, we actually do have healthy and fun sex lifes, da only difference is we dont go around fucking anything and everything that moves cos we have self respect, so before you go round telling people what you think the quran says and what islam is all about, sort your fucking lives out first, sort your women out who walk around naked fucking every man in sight and sort out your hobbies, cos sitting on the net envying people is quite sad, dont you think? and get your facts right! frankly, i dont see how people can read your shit and agree with you, i mean coming from people who dont have any self respect themselves and fuck women in their arse need to learn how to treat their womens bodies first and how to stop spreading sexual diseases! but com off it, even just that is too hard for you lot to achieve! god you really make me laugh, how you think you can sit here and talk about what the quran says when your minds are s confused and fucked up to begin with, no wonder you lot interpret the quran in such a way, cos ur minds are soo fucked up as it is! i think its all dem diseases getting to you heads. anyway, if you got any problems with what i said, then you can contact me and say whatever you like, i need to have a laugh reading stupid things once in a while! DAMN i feel sorry for you man! im a 18 year old muslim woman, who lives in the UK, i see all this shit all the time, and i think, no wonder you lot have such shit lives, im 18 and i have my life set out and perfect, i know what i want and i have achieved a lot, all you lot have achieved is writing stupid blogs on the net about people who you wish you could be like, but let me tell you something, you aint worth it! GET A LIFE!

  4. Muslim Woman; that’s GOLD! I’m pissing myself laughing, reading your rants. What’s your stage name and will you be appearing at any comedy clubs in Sydney, Australia, in the future? Please post a link to your website. Regards, your biggest fan.

  5. tommygun, I agree – hilarious work there Muslim Woman. You just need to throw in some fart jokes though…

  6. islam don’t mean terroist it meanz PEACE 4 GOD SAKE PEACE but obvously u dont want islam in peace do you eh? if you think that this shit will make other people belive you need
    2 think twice , tell me one fing what would you get by doing dis eh? tell me i wannna know
    i am muslim person and im proud of my religion because wen don’t chat sit about other religion do we eh? u idoiotssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Ye and what we believe in allah, we’re muslims, we follow muhammed, we’re not ashamed of it.. what do u lot follow… homosexuality, bisexuals, porno? u confused bunch of twats dont even know weva ur men or woman? or weva us hud b fukn men or women? now thats what i call low!

  8. Dear readers, I agree with Muslim Woman entirely. There is a lot of anti-muslim sentiment in the world. I think that Western media is very much corrupt and we do not hear enough on the Islamic struggle. All we ever read about are stonings, execution for apostasy, honour killings, violent jihad and arranged marriages to first cousins. This ridiculous reporting really does this religion of peace no good. Why don’t they report on the violent acts of fundamentalist Chrisitans and all of their terrorism and suicide bombings? It really is a one sided media. All we ever see on the news about Islamic societies is violence, violence and more violence. The truth is that these societies are actually very peaceful. The burkas get a little hot sometimes but apart from that it’s great. I also think that Islam has brought so much peace and good influence to England and Western European countries – all of the negative articles must be fabricated. Now I must go and detonate myself to claim my virgins and indulge myself in a rampant, violent fuckfest. Goodbye all.

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